Are my Swedish references good enough for WikiTree?

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Nearly all the ancestors & relatives on my father's side are Swedish. References and biographies are in Swedish. 

1.  Can I leave them in that language?

2.  Are and Elgenstierna's "Den introducerade svenska adelns ättartavlor med tillägg och rättelser" and Weibull's "Göteborgssläkter" acceptable sources? They are all secondary sources, but I believe them reliable.


in Policy and Style by Robert Hvitfeldt G2G6 Pilot (265k points)

Use it as a start and complement them with church books and other sources is my suggestion. Sweden has a lot of resources and more and more gets available scanned. Listen to Christa about doing Swedish Research....

Maybe add a 

== Research Notes ==

section explaining what you think about the sources you have used and your Research plan......

Me Myself use

  1. Arkiv Digital (need subscriptions)
    1. Find Church books record
      1. Birth records (see video)
      2. Household records
      3. Marriage records
      4. Death records - can include much more details if you are lucky
      5. Moving in/out records
      6. Passenger list Göteborg -> Enland -> USA you can see the people who left etc. see 
      7. Estate and Inventories my blog(video Lars Carlsson WikiTree Carlsson-626)
        1. Blog how to use registers for Estate and Inventory
      8. Prison records se also AD blog
        1. Sometime also with photos
      9. Swedish American church records
    2. SVAR (need subscriptions for some parts)
      1. has indexed records of some census
      2. has prison registers
      3. has register of some prison records
      4. is the National Archive and have many paper archives
    3. Ancestry
      1. Some emigration records that I use - normally SVAR and Arkiv Digital is better
    4. EmiWeb - emigration records
    5. Maps
      1. Old historical maps at Lantmäteriet (Swedish national mapping service) - url
      2. Excellent maps with the location of houses at Bygdeband - video at 3:50 minutes that use them
      3. Fornfynd is a database where you can find remainings of old houses see video at 5m50s
      4. Other map place is some maps from 1890 at Kartrummet see video 9m30s
        1. Its ok to use those map on the web and I used them for some Free spaces at WikiTree
          1. Lilla Damtorp
          2. Bänntorp, Örebro

And much much more....

Thank you all.  I'm pretty new at this, and I'm gradually trying to repair the GEDCOM I uploaded.  It came through without many of my references and notes, so it may take a while.
I suggest putting short notes translating names of sources, so any non-Swedish speaking cousins can get a notion what you are referring to.
Good idea, thanks.  It's gonna be a long haul, but I'll start.
Adding sources on Wikitree is a challenge. What all people in Sweden doing genealogy is obvious could be impossible for someone doing genealogy but not skilled in Swedish genealogy.

Today the WikiTree trend is not using templates for citations.

When we used templates you got good links to how to do Swedish genealogy.

I think using templates is best practice but it makes it more difficult to add and easier to read....

See template
Thanks Magnus.  I'm stumbling through my Gedcom upload of 541 people trying to fix and translate the bios and refs.  Each one gets better, I think.  I've figured out the <ref> and the [[...]], but not yet the {{...}}.  Categories is still confusing me, but I try to learn from the bio you edited for my Hvitfeldts.  And I'm old!

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In my (very limited) experience, adelsvapen is not reliable at all. The entries for Bergenhielm and Stålhammar contain glaring errors.
by Gerry Hagberg G2G6 Mach 1 (18.3k points)

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