Took pre-1700 quiz over and over, then checked box. Don't see button to occur at end. Did it o.k. a few weeks ago.

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I already wrote my question above....  but it does seem to belong in this tech section as I am trying to be able to go back to my tree (after taking pre-1700 quiz) and put in my early ancestor.


Joan Benton
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I don't see a Pre-1700 badge on your profile so I assume it wasn't okayed. I kind of remember when I took my Pre-1700 quiz I did something stupid/wrong and it wouldn't okay.  If I remember correctly, all the answers had to be correct. My first attempt I had an incorrect answer, and didn't realize I was able to change it immediately in order to pass the test to receive the certification.
by J Murray G2G6 Mach 3 (38.4k points)
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I don't know if I got a badge, but I was allowed to go back and fill info about my early ancestor.   

This time I went over procedure several times, making sure my answers were correct, checking out participation opportunities on projects, etc., but never got box to check to go on.   Each time I would go back to see if it would accept info on my ancestor.    I kept getting red box again......  went round and round in process.   Not sure what I did wrong..... no box ever came up.   I even zoomed it smaller as someone suggested.

Still am confused.

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The point is you can go back after you're answered all the questions and seen what the answers should be.  You don't have to actually memorize the answers.  But it's good to go through them enough that be able to understand why certain things are done various ways.  So try it again and write down the correct answers as you're doing it and then go back to the beginning and fill in the correct answers and you should have an opportunity to enter it and get the badge.  BTW, it's useful to look at the other possibilities even if you get it right the first time.
by Living Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (449k points)
I did go over and over the quiz and agree it was helpful. Made sure all answers were correct (did that sequence several times).   I just can't get beyond that.   I also looked at the Germanic Roots project and other coordination ideas I suggested.   

Right now I feel I have learned some things for today; now I want to move on and put in the data on my person that I know is accurate.

Here I have all my info written down for him and can't do it.  

Not sure why I am stuck, except that the button that is supposed to come up does not.   I even did the zoom business to shrink the page.... no change.

Still confused.
I think maybe what I did wrong before was to correct any incorrect answers without starting over completely.

This time I started over and missed one.  To my surprise, I guess that was good enough.  I got a button at the end and got a badge.   

Thanks.   As I said, I going around in circles.

I am learning a lot from this site.


I'm having the same trouble. Made a few mistakes on the first attempt. Went and redid it. Got all the questions correct, but no button to approve it. what should I do now?

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