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Hi everyone,

If you are new to genealogy research you may encounter terms that you have no frame of reference for. Don't fret. We are all on this great quest of learning; everyone had to start somewhere and those beginning points were at different places and stages of life for each of us. Perhaps you are just frustrated with how your exploration is going and feel you need a break. Yep, been there.

Let's look at a term we throw around while everyone reading may not understand what it means. That term is a Brick Wall. What is a genealogical brick wall? That is when your family history research hits a dead-end and you are at a loss as to where to turn next. Trust me, we have ALL been there.

First, I recommend you write down the brick wall question(s) you wish to solve. To save and organize your notes, you might want to try Evernote, which is free as a basic subscription (I use it everyday). Secondly, here are a couple insightful lists that I review every once in a while, here 50 Best Genealogy Brick Wall Solutions   and 50 Best Genealogy Brick Wall Solutions (Part II) and here Brick Wall Strategies. Thirdly, here are a couple glossaries of genealogical terms here rootsweb genealogy glossary and here PBS Genealogy Glossary for reference. Finally, and most importantly, remember that you can always pose any question toward the welcoming community of WikiTree. Just ask, to uncover the past. Keep on the trail.


14 June 2016 Edit: Just saw a post elsewhere by mentor Carole Partridge. She reveals there is a WikiTree Glossary, which covers terms all new contributor/volunteers will need familiarity with on this site.


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Thanks for the tips.  It's taken me 6 months to even ask for help with several ancestors. After I  pulled out most of my hair, I figured it was about time to ask.

BTW...this is an awesome site and so are the members.
by J Murray G2G6 Mach 3 (35.4k points)

You are quite welcome. I appreciate you sharing your thought process J Murray. I believe your candidness will help some people out on this site, and in life. There are plenty of easier hobbies than genealogy. Family history is much more difficult when carrying the load alone. Yet it is extremely rewarding when you break down your very first brick wall. It is pure fun when you have cousins and friends to share these moments with. Thanks for your comments and happy hunting.

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Hi there,

Thanks so much for the tips, I have been doing my family tree for years and i still feel so new to it all. Will be using your tips for sure.


by Living Van der Walt G2G Crew (320 points)
You are very welcome Rene. It can be overwhelming and it never ends so I find its best to take one step at a time and start a team, working together. Before you know it, you look over your shoulder and are amazed at what you have all accomplished. Thanks for commenting.

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