Did the Marsh family have a history of mental illness?

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Probably one of them did, it's common enough and there were a lot of Marshes.

Surnames divide into branches.  Each branch collects genes from the wives who marry in, and the male line becomes more dilute with each generation.
I would wager that most if not all families have some sort of mental illness somewhere in the tree. Mental illness has always existed and probably always will. I would also guess that there are thousands of "Marsh" families all over the world. I don't think anyone can speak for all the Marshes in the world and answer your question without you identifying a specific Marsh family.
know of 2 Marshes one shot himself, the other she died of   carbon monoxied posioning, (says accident, dont know forsure.
Also one of the Marshes married Alice Booth (witch trails)

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I know one female committed suicide, I'll get back to you by morning with info. Shes in my tree.
by Corinne Kuhlmann G2G6 Mach 1 (10.2k points)
....swinging from a limb perhaps....    :D
I do believe she shot herself. I have been looking all over for her profile will call her nameless Marsh I can't seem to find my information after all I must have it in hand written notes but I remember making a mental note about female Marsh and I was wondering who or what caused her to pull that trigger at the time I thought it was odd for a female to use a gun to kill herself but I guess they didn't have sleeping pills back then
Suicide is rarer among women.  There is no shame for a woman to share her moods with others.  I have depression in my family, and one great-aunt who committed suicide. Terrance Real wrote "I Don't Want to Talk about it" describing the men in his practice who clearly suffered from depression.  He himself was an example.  Until then, American men would not admit that males could have it.  Not all depression is inherited, but much of it runs in families.  My depression is inherited from a father and 3 sons who migrated from England to Australia.  It is showing up in my daughter, and in my sister's daughter.

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