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Here I go again... I love the error report and I am trying to make my way through, but I repeatedly find myself "down the rabbit hole"!!!

A simple error of a child born after a parent dies and I am correcting several profiles and adding profiles and citations. Each new profile requires several generations to be added to connect them up with existing profiles. Then there is the merge requests!!!

It's really hard to stay on task and do only what needs to be done to correct the error in the first place...YIKES!!!!

But really ... I do LOVE the error report!!!
in The Tree House by Dawn Ellis G2G6 Pilot (105k points)
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I have a spare blue dress and pinafore.
I feel the error report gives us more of a feeling that it's one big family tree....

I hope we get better location templates and standard on names ==> then we could have tools to display not just who was born or passed away in an area but also people who have lived in the area,,,, and when they lived....

Adding data as data is important and we need to change that we add so much interesting information as just text in the biography section...
I know...on my excursion down the rabbit hole tonight I added a burial source and found that she had died in childbirth having delivered twin girls who were baptised at the same time as she was buried.
Thanks Anne B. :o)

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I often get lost in details, and have to check and recheck because there are so many details to remember and then quickly forget :-)

I do a lot of the grunt work on Ancestry. Because the tree is meant only for me, I can make all kinds of mistakes that eventually I correct. When I'm satisfied, I'll start to move things over here. However, I'm very bad about moving the sources in a timely fashion :-)
by Jeffry Ricker G2G4 (4.5k points)
The sources are sooooo important!!!  Move them at the same time so you don't end up with a huge overwhelming backlog of sources.
Jeffry, we are like 2 peas in a pod, but I have learnt to stop at 2 generations, do the checking and rechecking , make a small gedcom and move it all over here. When it comes to cleaning up the import I re-source with free sources as I do each profile clean-up. I know that sounds like double the work but I personally have found it beneficial. Most of the time I am just verifying my original research but on the odd occasion I have found errors I made originally which had an odd "bud" appear. I can then remove that bud before it blossoms into a whole new side of the family which is non existent or not connected at this point. Also helps in keeping sources together and breaks the tedium of the endless cleaning which needs doing when all you really want to do is delve further into the past :)
I was trained as a lab researcher and know that attention to detail and providing evidence for each claim made is essential when doing research and then publishing the results. In other words, I agree completely with both of you.

My reasons for starting to do genealogical research were completely personal. Thus, when I was working on my own, I wasn't careful about listing sources. When I came to Wikitree, however, I began to realize that this is more like publishing papers intended for one's peers. I will work this summer on checking through what I have already posted here and entering sources

Best, Jeff

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