Is he a notable? I don't see a wikipedia page but i found him elsewhere.

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The sites I find him are in norwegian though so I've had to use to google translate. orginal English translation I don't understand Norwegian at all I also found him on the norway site that has parish registers here .  I can't find any links that are originally in English though.  I have already orphaned the profile if he is suppose to be a notable. 

WikiTree profile: Ole Larsen
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I'm trying to translate the article, and it seems there might be a case for Notability - I'm going to do a quick synopsis below and then compare it to the Wikipedia standards for Notability and maybe we'll reach a conclusion:

So he grew up and fell in love, fathered a child out of wedlock, and the father of his girlfriend, his girlfriend's two brothers, and his girlfriend were killed by thieves.Ole tracked them down and helped arrest the two men responsible.The two men were sentenced and executed.

Less than a year later, he was drafted and promoted to corporal in the Ski Troops. I think there was a war between Norway and Sweden in 1808-1809. He fought in some skirmishes in which he was successful in repelling the other army. He also participated in recon (intel gathering) missions.

It appears he was one of several soldiers that were recognized for their service, although I haven't quite figured out in what way.

He fought additional battles in later 1808-1809

This link might help - explains the war going on:
by Scott Fulkerson G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)

Not sure if this is him or not, although Geni doesn't do very well with sources...
This one is slightly better when translated:

Looks like he received the Dannebrog medal for capturing the fugitives.

I'm right on the border with this one - it appears he's something of a local hero in some ways for his pursuit and capture activities, but he's one of a number of soldiers who were recognized for their service, so I don't know how he stood out against all the others who were recognized. There's a lot of soldiers who receive medals who never achieve notability standards, so this is a bit of a gray area for me.
Based on what Scott says I'd say we should not mark him as a Notable simply because we have no way to distinguish between him and so many other honorable soldiers on WikiTree.  We do have projects for them though and other ways to recognize them and their service and accomplishments.
Seems to me he should remain on WikiTree, not be labelled notable and put up as a potential Wikipedia entrant. If he makes it,, he. Gets to. Be notable here.
That is him on geni and thank your for translating.
Thank you,I will just leave his profile alone then and if he does qualify as Wikipedia errant add the notable tag later.
Anyone who registers can CREATE a Wikipedia page.  I could create one for myself.  Would I then be Notable?

Anyhow, if he isn't on English Wikipedia, is he on a Norwegian one?  Either way, a page can be created for him if you have the information... but remember they ask for sources!
Without knowing how splendid you are, I very much doubt your page would remain. They have numerous bots and "prefects" to stop pages they deem unworthy remaining uploaded.

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