Not a question, but a praise....the new error finder is AWESOME.

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in The Tree House by Milton Davis G2G6 Mach 2 (29.7k points)
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Agree! I went through most of my list immediately for the items I could change. I love it!

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How do  you get it to work?

All I get is "This page can not be displayed".
by Janet Gunn G2G6 Pilot (163k points)

Today are some performance problems.

For your profile you get this page. Since your profile is private and your relations are excluded from database dump. Try it from your parents or grandparents. Or change privacy of your profile and it will work after monday.

Errors in profiles on WikiTree

Here are errors in profiles related to you.

Errors are recalculated every monday, so after correcting errors, error will dissapear on monday.

For detail description of errors, see Database Errors Project on WikiTree.

To refine the shown errors go to search definiton.

Generation 0: 1 profiles, 0 errors.

Total: 1 profiles 0 errors.

Note: Private profiles are not part of public database so if your parents are private, enter grandparents.


Do you think you could get them to change the message on the Wednesday WikiTree Family News, which basically says. "Click Here" on a link based on your own profile.

Following your suggestion, I have tried it on multiple generations of ancestors (going back to my 7xG-Grandfather).  And still all I get is "This page can't be displayed"!


But if you say this is due to performance problems (probably related to everyone getting the WikiTree Family News), I will try again later.

It sounds like a really cool feature, I just wish I could get it to work.
Since the updates only happen on Mondays, any changes you make won't take effect until then.  Patience,  One of the great lessons of WikiTree.
More detail - seems to be a technical issue.

On my HOME laptop PC (Windows 10, IE 11) it works FINE.  Thanks.

On my WORK laptop PC (Windows 7, IE 11) it doesn't work at all.  I get "Page can't be displayed" regardless of what profile I start from.  This is the same whether I am at work (behind the company firewall) or at home (no firewall).

So I suspect the problem is either something to do with Windows 7, or something to do with the company security apps in the laptop.
I use windows 7 and it works fine. I noticed that it doesn't work on my phone when using mobile connection. Over WiFi it works. So I guess using port 92 might be locked by some providers or company firewalls. I will check if we have free IP to to use for errors.
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Agreed - and Aleš is improving it every day.
by William Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster G2G6 Pilot (184k points)
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This report is great and identified missing and incorrect genders, incorrect dates and more importantly where a parent is also a sibling and duplicate profiles. My first run identified 127 errors (not all my profiles) and in one case, correcting a birth date eliminated 14 errors. Since they are not all my profiles and I am not on the Trusted List, I can't fix all of them but I will be contacting several Profile Managers that I know and pointing out the errors that should be fixed. The links in the report to the profiles that need checking makes the task much simpler.
by Geoff Davis G2G6 (6.2k points)
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It is awesome and I hope everybody will run it as it turns up some things that it is not easy to spot otherwise. My feeling is though that the people who need to run it the most are the people who never will - the ones who don't take time to cite proper sources and are adamant that 4x great granny gave birth at 90.
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (296k points)

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