James Duffy light weight boxer and navy man New Jersey! Have you seen him?

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James Duffy born in NJ/NY abt 1900-1935 and not sure if he died. He was a light weight boxer and also served in the Navy. I have 2 different stories on how he died. One he was killed in a fight in North Jersey the other he died from a blood disease. (geesh) and now a third story which I am told Is the truth. James Duffy was incarcerated around 1956-1960 for murder in a bar fight someplace in North Jersey. He was the nephew of Kitty and Frank Campbell in Belmar NJ. He was married in Neptune NJ to my mother who is still living but has memory issues. He was nicknamed Red.... loved to gamble and to cook. Any leads would be appreciated more than you know. I have been looking for him for 20 years. I have uploaded a pic . Blessings

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Do you have his Navy serial # or when served,

It would be easier if i had your mothers full name.But i understand if

you do not want to release it.Kitty Campbell,what was her father and

husband  name???
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Hi Wayne

Thanks so much for answering. Gloria Gale (Heulitt maiden) Goddard now. Kitty's Husband was Dick Campbell and they lived in Belmar NJ for forever. Thanks so much!

Kat Louviere
Hi again Wayne!

My mom's memory is not very good atm. She says she thinks it was R. I am trying to find her divorce papers from around 1960ish to get more info on him. I was always under the impression he died from a blood disease but am now told he was killed in a fight in North Jersey in the 60's. :( I am trying to find micro fiche in that time frame. I have ben looking for info on him for so many years. Thanks for your help and hope.
Kitty's husbands name was Frank not Dick LOL
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James Duffy,did he have a middle name??

Kathleen Ellen Duffy,living with Kathleen F. Duffy and Kathleen B.Duffy,

Toms River New Jersey.
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James Duffy nephew of Kitty Cambbell,how was Kitty related to a Duffy??

Can you find James Duffy Social Security number.??

Could James Duffy been in the Coast Guard??

Did he drink a lot?? Would the family be in 1940 Census in New Jersey??

What is your date of birth??,and mothers date birth.Somewhere we will get

some strong lead.
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Hi Wayne,

Been awhile. I found out some interesting things that may help me but not sure where to start. I do not have a middle name or any numbers for him. I do know he was incarcerated around 1956-1960ish. Seems I was misinformed for many years. He was charged with murder in a bar fight in North Jersey. He was in Trenton state prison or Rahway but I cannot go back that far in records. He probably did drink quite a bit as I was told he loved to gamble. He was supposedly several years older than my mother whose bd is 4/1/1937 (mine is 9/19/57). He should be in the census but I am not sure where he lived besides Belmar/Neptune...all the shore areas in NJ. I thank you for asking these question....sorry it took so long .

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