Where is my GEDCOM? And why is it taking sooo long?

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3 living/recent generations only + a few young kids (descendants), mostly living--with no matching individuals on WikiTree.. All told, about 180 people.. For this, I have to wait days?? Same tree minus a few dates attempted import Monday AM.. Then added the few missing dates (these are mostly birth years for living children of connected parents--all of whom will be private anyway!) over 24 hours ago.. nothing.. no response. Still waiting. This is bordering on ridiculous. Sorry folks, but if nothing happens soon, I think I will close the book on WikiTree before I open it and go elsewhere! You have got to do better..
in WikiTree Tech by Maria S G2G Crew (560 points)
edited by Maria S
I am a patient person, but to make it take from Monday morning to now and I cannot get one person on my tree is absurd. I am an experienced genealogist with a well-developed and well-documented tree. Most of my research uses original documents. I was trying this out in order to make a collaborative tree for about 25 connected cousins who want to participate, many of whom are also researching. I think we could have made a real contribution and enjoyed this, but I am getting the idea it's a closed club and newbies are put through a wringer. I do not like the attitude I am sensing and if I don't get any different message soon I really will quit this and go look for another way.
I am very disheartened by my experience so far.

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Well, if I could have given advice to you before you'd tried uploading a GED I'd have said, "Don't give into the dark side; the GED.  GEDs tend to get all sorts of errors in them, and some things just can't come over in a GED anyway, So all things considered, including the delays, you're better off just to enter the data by cut and paste.  But now that you've started the process, you need to accept the this is a collaborative enterprise and that we're all volunteers and therefore have other things to do.  I'd still suggest you start adding profiles by hand, but if you don't want to do that, you might want to spend your time reading the help files and conversing here on G2G.  For instance learning the mark-up language and in-line references is useful if you don't know it already.
by Living Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (449k points)
Thanks.. Not encouraging. I expect to have to correct info, but I already have a tree with thousands of entries--all well-documented. The idea that I will have to hand enter these is not something I'm prepared to take on. I did this once.. I have no intention of doing it again. I had hoped to add in small increments via GEDCOM and check each person, but no, I cannot contemplate adding all the (literally thousands) of associated docs and refs again by hand. I appreciate your truthful response. BTW, it's my own GEDCOM so not sure why this is a "dark side." Also, given my intention to work with others, I cannot in conscience expose them to having this experience. Some of them have researched for many years and have extensive trees with many original references.. some even take their vacations in the local areas in foreign countries and spend the time in archives searching and transcribing from other languages..
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Your gedcom cannot be imported until you finish the GEDcompare report, which you have not yet completed. Please go here to find and complete the report.

by Shirley Dalton G2G6 Pilot (540k points)
I have done this. It was completed for the second time before noon yesterday. I just looked again and it has now reverted. Less than an hour ago it showed waiting for step 4. This is miserable..
Hi Maria,

Please have some patience.  Pending GEDCOMs are reviewed once a day by one of our team members.  Sometimes it can take anywhere from 24-48 hours for us to approve a GEDCOM depending on how many there are.  Our team is small to keep WikiTree free and we're all part time so we apologize for not being able to immediately approve every GEDCOM submitted.
Eowyn ~ The status has reverted to step 3. This is inexplicable. I went carefully through yesterday and it was at step 4. That was the second time. I deleted the first one because a few dates were missing and I thought it would be easier to just start over with these. I have cousins who are looking for this so they can start adding their info. We have connected families and want to link all our branches. They are waiting. What do I tell them? Also, I work full-time. This is a hobby, but they are all counting on me to get this set up. Will it be ready by the weekend? I know I will need to adjust and correct info, but now it will reset for another 48 hours. And I have to find time to go through the 180+ people again.
And I see it has now reverted to the first GEDCOM with the dates missing..
It won't reset. I'll be reviewing the pending GEDCOMs sometime this evening. There aren't too many today.
Sorry, it is the right one.. I am getting dizzy from this. I just approved it again. (And the few proposed matches were still there with the "reject" button selected just as I had done it yesterday morning.) It really should not be a big deal. These are my living and connected-to-living family for the most part. I hope I can get through this. I think WikiTree would probably work for what we want to do or I would not have joined, but I am getting really frustrated. I'm also worried.. how will this work with ancestors going back? I hope this gets better.
It DID reset. I had approved it yesterday. It still showed that a few hours ago. I even have a screenshot of it showing I approved it yesterday. Then it showed incomplete on step 3 just recently. If you look at it (where it says you can doublecheck) , does it revert to unapproved?
Thank you, Eowyn.

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