"Wrong error" in msg received.

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I'm not sure I need to go to this much trouble, but I did receive a message that there was "probably" an error in the gender of my father. His first name was Kay. There is no error. He was male, and I want to ascertain that nobody attempts to change that. I'm hopeful that I've done so by clicking on "wrong error", but I'm still new here and uncertain if that's enough.

His name was Kay Albert Bredleau, (Bredleau-2) with a photo also posted. That should have been enough to ascertain he was a man. He was named after a boy my great-aunt dated in the early 20's, someone everybody liked very much. I guess it wasn't considered a girl's name so much in those days. 

Anyway, if anybody here has other suggestions to make sure this is kept correct, please let me know! Otherwise, sorry for the unneeded post here, and thank you for all help you have given and continue to give. It is much appreciated!

Sincerely, Dale

WikiTree profile: Kay A. Bredleau
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Dale, can you edit your question and change the font back? For some of us, depending  on our age and which devices we use to access wikitree, it's near impossible To read the cursive font you've selected. Thanks.

Jillaine, is this better? I never even considered it might be difficult for others to read. I've been fond of the cursive print for a while, but certainly don't "need" to do it. I usually make the font larger, too, as my husband has said it helps him to read it. However, I will do it this way from now on. Otherwise, is the font OK?

Thank you for pointing this problem out. Sincerely, Dale

Much better. Thanks.

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Marking error as wrong error should be enough. It is immediately removed from custom errorlists. On prepared errorlists it will remain until monday, but it is really a small chance, someone else will try to correct the name until then. To make sure, you can also add a sentence in the bio about that, but the picture is already obvious.
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (822k points)
You can also write full middle name, not just A.

Also,  Aleš , I did have "Albert" down as his middle name, but when I changed his nickname, (and the way he mostly signed things to avoid confusion for others), I accidentally did it with a lower case a. I've tried editing it several times now, but it keeps coming back up with the lower case a instead of "A." Sigh. I suppose this will require further technical help, huh?



But now it looks really strange. Čheck the public view of the profile. It is  K.a. A. Bredleau 

Also my and Wikitree opinion is to avoid abbreviations. K.A. can be 1000s of people. Kay Albert are only a few. 

Aleš, I only now saw your msg, and will go in to try to fix my Dad's profile. I get so lost sometimes doing this, but know I'll learn as I go, and having people like you to point things out really does help. Thank you. ~ Dale

Dale, if you open up his profile briefly, I'll go in and see what the problem is. You can change the privacy level back after.
And don't be surprised if your own profile shows up on a gender error list. :-)
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Sir Kay was one of the Knights of the Round Table.

Somewhere out there, there's an attempt to claim that the gentry Kaye family of Yorkshire were his descendants.
by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (645k points)

Oh, yeah, as a King Arthur (mainly "Sword in the Stone") fan, how could I forget that??? Seems like maybe they spelled it "Kaye", though, but my memory isn't good (never was, not 'cause of age), so what diff. does it make anyway?

Interesting info about the Kaye family of Yorkshire claiming to be Sir Kay(e)'s descendants. Maybe eventually DNA will be able to prove/disprove such claims.

Thank you for reminding me of this, R.J.! 

Presumably also a Danish name, since Kay was the name of the little boy in the Snow Queen

Thank you for that info, too, Helen. I've never seen that movie, but appreciate knowing it, and my Da would've also! (Or is it a book?)

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