Do we want to include a template that links to Spotify (or other media playing platforms)?

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Hi WikiTreers,

I noticed mention of a template in the comments section of a few Notables profiles.

It basically gives a link to the artist's profile page on Spotify, a site where you can listen to music.

I guess my question is, is this something we want to include on Notables profiles?

There are so many different platforms out there to listen to media, I'm not sure we want to fill profiles with things like that, at least not multiple ones.

You can see what it looks like on Judy Garland's profile.

If we are going to do something like that, should it be something like YouTube, that's free?

But please share any thoughts you have below.

Thanks :)
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I try never, if at all possible, to link to citations or resources that are NOT free for the user. Where they are not free I clearly mark them as requiring a subscription.

I believe that this should be our aim, to keep everything free if possible.

Spotify is free if you run it on your PC/Mac its just the phone solution that cost.... 

We most get WikiTree a little bit sexier with multimedia.... best would be to embed it and just have a play bottom....

I don't have any major heartburn over the link, but I'd rather it stay more near the bottom than at the top. To me, this is more of a source type component than a leading piece of a biography. I guess I like my profiles to flow in a certain manner and by templating the link, it seems to float near the top. Of course, that could also be where I stuck it - I'll have to experiment a bit to see if it can be pushed down into the Sources section...
Answered my own question - it will go where you place it in the profile. Problem solved for me.
Yeah, I like the idea of it being under Sources rather than at the top of the profile too.

For me its under....
See also

Something that adds context to the profile....


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Linking is WEB 3.0

I did the template and linked to a Swedish profile that has record Swedish folklore music plus have an opera singer in the family tree 

Should we have better integration with Youtube?!?!



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I have done a fair amount of musician profiles. Generally, I choose a few selections where I link to a YouTube. I also link to for a full listing of their credits, and sometimes Allmusic includes various credits: songwriting, instrumental tracks, producer &c.

I've never used Spotify or even iTunes (not just for links here, but ever), and am not wild about having to change over to that. I don't think they have depth of credits like does, which site is free. You can find plenty of material on YouTube or other non-fee sources to illustrate an artist's work.

Does this profile fall short in terms of access to performances?

Example: Leonardo "Flaco" Jimenez

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