Recycled Unknowns? How is it done?

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Haven't been on much in last year.  How do you recycle an unknown?  Thanks! :)
in Policy and Style by Betty Tindle G2G6 Mach 8 (88.8k points)
retagged by Abby Glann
Do you have a question about these? If you find an Unknown with a surname you need that one should be recycled into the tree.
Yes, how do you recycle them?  Sorry for the non-question in the title.  I hit enter too soon. ;(

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Hi Betty,

The Unknowns Project lists 3 ways:

The most common uses of Recycle Unknowns are:

1) Select one that most closely meets your needs. For example you have a John Smith to enter. There is a profile in this category that has first name unknown, last name Smith and no other information - take it and use it, remembering to remove this category name.

2) You need a profile with an Unknown surname: select one and add your information, remembering to remove the category name.

3) You need a new profile but there is not one in this category that matches the last name you want to create. You may select one of these Unknowns, adopt it and change the name to suit your needs.
by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
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EOWYYYNNNNN!!!!!  How the heck are ya?  Long time, no see.  Ok, now let me read your answer. :)
Right? I was so happy to see your name pop up! :) Welcome back! Hope you've been well.
Actually, I think I have done that before.  Pretty sure I have.  Didn't know the process had a name.  :)  Thanks, Eowynn!
Feeling pretty good for the moment.  So thought I would spend some time here, aside from just trying to help with merges and stuff I get in email.

How are you?  I was happy to see your name pop up too!  Very.  I hope all is well with you?
Glad to hear you're pretty good.

I'm good too! Just busy with WikiTree and other work. I built a garden this summer. That's been hard and fun.
I know it is the wrong forum, but I NEED a garden too, really!  Wanna volunteer?  :)
Hahaha, sure, why not?
Great!  I just received new Snowmound Speria in the mail to plant in my yard.  We can start there. :)

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