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Wow! Or should I say Woops? This morning Widich Hansson has no connection left to the Global family. I am not surprised: I have been exploring his connections almost every day now for some time - always finding some point in his network where one family has been grafted together with another by some happy-go-lucky Ancestry member accepting any suggested match.

In old Swedish Patronymic Space this is not very recommendable, since the country was full from end to end with Anders Jonssons and Karin Andersdotters and their ilk. So, I have disconnected a crucial profile at a time and waited to see if there finally would be a correct path. There wasn't. Since I'm currently working on his parish from a couple of other angles (my own and an emigrant) I may yet find him reconnected, properly.
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I don't quite remember how I first med Widich, it may have been through the database errors. In any case there were duplicates or triplicates of most of his family that I merged. And then because it was a favourite parish of mine and a cool name I adopted him.

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You have a dream Eva ;-)

Feels like Williams_AndersForWikiTree.ged on 07 May 2011 is a "friend" of us both.... Google tells us that we have it's on 1500 profiles so far I havn't found any usable sources from this import plus I feel that when you look on locations it is from a happy green leaf Ancestry genealogy session where its better to accept as it could be right ;-) I hope I am wrong......

Maybe we can define a db_errors rule to track those potential "errors"..... sometimes the feeling is that is no filter what you add and a family has children in too many locations.....

Or maybe have a Filter version of WikiTree please just show profiles with approved sources 


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Yes, I've noticed the number of profiles imported in that gedcom. It's from 2011, you know. I chip away at pieces of it, when it bumps into something I'm working with. No ambition to fix it all. The pre-1500 stuff in particular I'm giving a wide berth. I'm not much interested in the posh ancestry and I'm not competent with those sources, primary OR secondary.

You will have noticed that it's patched together of families from all over the country, based only upon very crude matches in dates and names. Now, some of it is mere crumbs: single persons, or a few connected persons, sometimes with no dates and gobbledygook placenames - actually, I have recycled a few of those, when they had usable LNABs.

But a lot of it consists of larger chunks of recognizable families, where you can usually find reasonably well-researched family trees published by individual genealogists, OFF the big sites, if there is a place+name combination that is reasonably characteristic. Even if those sites most often don't give the sources away, it's usually possible to source the family members, because the research is correct, as far as can be known. It's easier when you're familiar with the parish, of course. I tend to leave Skåne alone - and I'm not very good with the geography north of Hälsingland, either.

BTW, sometimes I find these errors repeated at other sites, using Wikitree as a source :-( In two of the cases where I have severed faulty links I have found old, un-answered questions in discussion groups to the effect that the parents of so-and-so are said to be so-and-so and so-so-so, can this really be true? Even if I'm not taking the trouble to answer the questions where they were asked, that's an extra incentive to give some sort of explanation of the error here.

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