*Shout-out to Wikitree* ... "we need more colours for the generous genealogist badge" ...

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... there aren't enough for Magnus Sälgö! 

A public thank you to you Magnus - you are a truly wonderful member of this community :) And I for one appreciate you being here heaps!

in The Tree House by Nicky Blacklock G2G6 Mach 2 (28.8k points)


Maybe have people who are a helping hand locally like Sweden could be good to award with a Swedish badge

A helpful kiwi get

I like the Swedish one! Dunno about a fruit for us Kiwi's though ... this one might be cool  ... 

Its a Kiwi fruit ;-)
Wonderful idea, recently tried to give a badge, the person already had The Generous Badges - so I couldn't award a new one.

I have to be honest here Magnus, especially since us kiwi's are always complaining about the Ozzie's stealing our stuff, bands, sayings, pavlova etc, the list is long :/ Truth is, Kiwifruit was re-named that by Kiwi's as a marketing thing, and it has worked well. It's a native fruit of China and didn't turn up here in NZ until missionaries bought it here at the turn of last century. It's proper name is Yang-tao. I grew up knowing it as Chinese Gooseberry - but then someone here changed it's name to Kiwifruit and started making zillions of $ overseas with it.

Exactly T. Cassidy ... same thing happened to me. We need that badge in all colours of the rainbow, at the very least.

Joking about Kiwi feels as sensitive as joking about Fika ;-)

Feels like you down under is learning slowly the importance of life http://www.fika.co.nz/  

Oh dear, something else we have pilfered and are making $ from! ;) Although not quite, at least we credited the Swedish with Fika there!

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Nicky, With all my heart ♥ I totally agree with this for Magnus Sälgö and Anne B-404 they are a "One-Off" "Uber" "Over-The-Top" "Above and beyond the call of duty"

Magnus es Texas Star

by Anonymous Vickery G2G6 Pilot (242k points)
edited by Anonymous Vickery

  thanks john, I'm blushing

Ever hear the expression "Fake it until you make it" ? well i just started imitating the most active & successful wikitree ers, That would include anybody that did not make a huge mess of the Mayflower Project :) LOL

 We WT reeers ...

Communication is the key!, if we listen & take the time to read / look for what we need, learn to use the Help Index, Search in G2G first instead of being lazy & just ask redundant questions, "Have to learn to crawl before you can walk, Have to learn to walk before you run", don't get discouraged, use the high points to get us through the low points, ask for critiques,ask for help from the more experienced members, look at other Great Profiles, allow other to "get you on the carpet"/ "get chewed out when you need it, try a new way to do things, DWTWA, try to help the newest members gain experience & become an asset to WT, others will want to help you!,  keep an open mind... you, & I & all Tree ers will eventually get the hang of it.

All that is required is: "own it all, all the good & all the bad' one day soon I will become an astronaut, it is my goal:)  I want to be like Magnus, Doug, Mags, Eowlyn, Ann, Kitty, Keith, Chris, Sir William, Chet, trudy, Andrea, Dale, Rob, Vincent, Terry, Jacky, Liz, Scott, Bea, Philip, Betty, Becky and a huge list of (ICRATM) I can't Remember At The Moment :)

 This is my biography, this is my book, "The only limitations in life are the ones we place upon ourselves, "Use The Force Luke!" "Be like Bill & Ted = "Be most excellent to one another", learn to eat an Elephant lol, @ WT if I behave myself, & be polite there are no limits, just think of all the assets our magnificent site members have to offer.

 Yes Ma'am I want to be just like my my Mentors here at WT, it is home, you could not break me off of it with a w/  a BIG ugly 4'' By 4'' piece of oak! My "Attitude of Grattitude" = I am really grateful when I can try or get to find ways to help others that have helped me! Trying to help others keeps me off of my "Pitty Pot" There are few things in life we are allowed to leave behind for the benefit of of others, WT is one such Special Item! 

Read this online Book, Og Mandino "The Greatest Salesman In The World" "The Richest Man In the World" " The Greatest Miracle In The World" yepper thats me :)  https://kathypilcher.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/og-mandino-scrolls.pdf ,  I'm not Og, but I want to be just like him... is why I got my Psych degree. Just like playing football in H.S. Suit Up & Show UP, don't Give Up. P.S. I recon I like to sing a lil' ditty once in awhile ♪ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PISkFEzC5XE Grace And Mercy-Brian Wilson ♫ All that I have is today, did we all invest in today :)

Nice one Bro! 

"There are few things in life we are allowed to leave behind for the benefit of of others, WT is one such Special Item!" ... I absolutely agree!

I love your post John! Nice seeing all those awesome names mentioned :)

Thank You Niky! BTW...Thank You is not a TY unless you are sure that the second party receives it! 

This is how I do modern Psychology /Psychotherapy: I draw pictures :)

http://www.logotherapyinstitute.org/About_Viktor_Frankl.html  :)

Just for you John ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdt0SOqPJcg

EnJoY :)


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