Private profiles of deceased. Please Confirm my understanding

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Wanted to confirm.. based on what I've read, if a profile is Private, and they are not responding to my requests to join their trusted list, I have to either:

1) create a new duplicate profile of my family member, and

2) then wait until the profile manager has been inactivity for 6 months before I can submit an "Unresponsive Profile Manager"... and then when I do that, and he / she doesn't reply within 7 days of the site's email, the private profiles all get deleted anyway.

So, to confirm then, either way, I would have to create a duplicate profile for much of my family if not getting responses, even though they all seem to already be on here but as private profiles.
in Policy and Style by Rob Lenihan G2G5 (5.6k points)
Hello Rob

Have you left both a public message on the profile? As well as the Profile Manager?

I had something similar - wrote a couple of times, eventually they acknowledged and since then I've been added to the Trusted List - but it did take a few months.
I just got one reply today, right after posting this :) but I figured he would reply as he is active.. it is the ones that haven't been on for months, but under 6.  I've stopped connecting family members until I get some requests completed first.

This is my wife's grandfather (link below)- so, can't do much on this side of the family since so close to us in relation. The manager was last on in February. I don't mind waiting the 2 months, but from what I read... is the private profiles will all be deleted if no response..  that could be a huge # of profiles turfed.

I didn't leave a public message on this profile. Didn't realize that was an option. I did do the request delete, and resend, then post on the profile manager's page though.

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here is a short version of the unresponsive profile manager procedure,

When you submit an Unresponsive Profile Manager request, you will be asked to confirm that you've done all of the following:

  1. Sent a Trusted List request.
  2. Sent the manager a Private Message (a direct e-mail message is even better if you have their address).
  3. Posted a comment on the manager's profile.

If you have not heard back on any of these for seven days, then check their Contributions list.

If they have not made any contributions for over 60 days[1] WikiTree will send them a personal e-mail message and then wait another seven days. If after a week they have not replied to us, WikiTree will orphan the requested profile or profiles so that they can be adopted or merged.

The wait is not 6 months so try that route before you make any duplicates please. the full procedure is outlined here

by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
But the point I guess I was confirming, is the rules state that they will delete all the 'private' profiles if no response after seven days.. Only the open and public profiles are orphaned. Depending on their contributions, that could be a huge # of profiles
If you follow the guidelines and state that you wish to take over the profiles because they are in your family lines then they will usually make you the profile manager. The only ones that could be deleted are those profiles for living persons with no other family member to take over as a  manager for them.
Thanks Dale - that is good to hear..

I just realized actually - that that is the process for public and open profiles.

For private it is different: This is where I got the 6 months mention from and about creating the duplicate profile.

Private Profiles

Private and Unlisted profiles of modern people present a different problem. We cannot allow them to be adopted by anyone who isn't already on the Trusted List.

If you are trying to add a modern family member and discover that one of your relatives has already added them, make sure you do all the following:

  1. Propose a merge or send a Trusted List request.
  2. Send a Private Message to the manager (an e-mail message is better if you have their address).
  3. Post a comment on the manager's profile.

If you have not heard back on any of these for seven days, feel free to create the duplicate profile or family line.

At the same time, check the member's Contributions list. If it has been more than six months since their last contribution, click the link for the Unresponsive Profile Manager form on the main profile page (a small text link in the box with Trusted List information). When we receive your request through this form, WikiTree will try to e-mail them. If they don't reply for seven days, we will orphan all Public and Open profiles they were managing and delete all Private and Unlisted profiles unless there is someone else on the Trusted List, or extenuating circumstances.

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