I ordered my Ancestry/DNA packet.

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I am so excited!  I ordered my Ancestry/DNA package yesterday.  Two months from now, hopefully, I will know more than I do now!  So very excited, can't wait!  :)


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Oooo the anticipation - I had the mtDNA test done - couldn't wait to get the results.  Like a child in a sweet shop :)
That is exactly how I feel.  Christmas too!  :)
THAT'S AWESOME!! I wonder if we're related..We'll soon find out once the results come in. most of the Tindles in my tree are from Tennessee.

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Hello Betty,  

While you are waiting, I recommend you register at https://www.gedmatch.com/login1.php and read GEDmatch's wiki and forum because you want to be sure to upload your AncestryDNA results to GEDmatch.  Also check out ISOGG and their helpful information on autosomal DNA and the X chromosome.

I also recommend you change your privacy level to "Private with Public Family Tree" or "Private wth Public biography and Family Tree" so that your auDNA matching cousins can make better sense of your shared ancestry.

by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (721k points)
I just registered at GEDmatch, thank you for that.  Have never heard of it. What is ISOGG?  Have never heard of that either.

A very good point about the privacy level.  Doesn't do any good if people cannot see it.

I AM SO EXCITED!.  Heheheheh

Thank you Peter!
Never mind, I found ISOGG online.  Wasn't sure if is was something here or elsewhere, but I found it.  Thank you so much for your help.  I really appreciate it.


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I've been working with AncestryDNA for awhile now, and find that overall, Ancestry makes it difficult to determine how you're related to your matches, but I have made some useful connections using it.  Some results will be easy pickings--you'll be able to see immediately how you're related.  Most will be mysteries, and you'll get mixed results when contacting people asking if they know how they're related to your other matches (few will reply, and many trees will remain private). Since I have some genealogy dead ends, I'm currently going through my matches  systematically to see how we might be related.  If you get to the frustration point with your matches, in a few months I may have a well-defined strategy that I can share, so contact me if that happens to you.  Meanwhile, while you're waiting you might work you way through any of the resources that sound interesting on this blog post:  http://www.genealogyjunkie.net/starter-page-ancestrydna.html
by J. Crook G2G6 Pilot (232k points)
thank you .. great venue ..


c'est bon magnifique
Sounds kinda scary.  I want it to be simple and straight forward.  Maybe not?  :(
Not scary, no.  The two best things that came out of it were these.  I always knew my great-great-grandfather had a brother; I found one of the brother's descendants, and she had our line back two generations.  On another line, I met Bill, who knew almost nothing about his heritage.  I was able to share a photograph of his great-great-grandmother with him, as well as other family stuff which he would never have known about if we hadn't met through DNA.  But in most cases, I wonder why people got tested since they don't respond.  But email is tricky.  Maybe they just want to know their ethnicity.  Who knows?
Well, that sounds a bit more helpful!!!  I want to know ethnicity too, but I would also like to find any missing family members if possibe.  That would be a great pleasure!!  Stupid question, it actually tells you people's email addresses???  That thought never even occurred to me, although I knew people "find" each other and contact each other.  I guess I never thought about HOW they know. :)
You contact people through Ancestry's messaging service, but you can exchange external email addresses if you want to.
By the way, in GEDMatch, you do see people's actual email addresses.  I've been in GEDMatch for many months, and I've experienced no problems with that at all.

I don't know why email addresses being available didn't "occur" to me, even tho I have heard there is the possibility of connecting with family.  Slow brain here sometimes.  :)

I found a great little video online about what you can learn from your DNA.  It isn't so much a video about learning the results, but what you expect and how that might differ from actual results.  Here is a link:


Tears came to my eyes.  Two guys, kinda made me wanna smack them.   You will see why. :) I hope you like it.

Thanks for all your input too!



I'm sorry, I forgot a link.  I found it very useful.  Maybe it will help you or others?

The article is named "Trying to Make Ancestors out of NADS".

The link:https://dna-explained.com/2016/06/14/trying-to-make-ancestors-out-of-nads/

Betty, I got the Ancestry kit for my birthday, which was yesturday.  Just like you I can hardly wait as I have wanted to do this forever!

All the responses to your posting will be beneficial to me.  I am going to give my brother, who already has a profile on Wikitree, a kit for his birthday.


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