Genes for Good may now work as a 23andMe file Opinions please

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Just started with  Genes for Good and their blog states this:

"Previously, the 23andMe format files did not contain all the insertion-deletion polymorphisms that were in the VCF files. We corrected this, so now the 23andMe files have all the variants that are in the VCF files."

Am I reading this right that you can now use this like a 23andMe file for upload to and other sites that take 23andMe files?

I learned about this site from a question located here

I am new to DNA and lost but looking to learn any info and help is appreciated.


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The 23andMe format refers to style of a 23andMe file (tab delimited, with columns for rsid, chromosome, position, results) but not the content. The Genes for Good chip has its own set of SNPs, only some of which are found in files from FTDNA, AncestryDNA, and 23andMe. The last I heard, GEDmatch did not think there was enough overlap to be useful.

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ah ok thanks   That is what I was wanting to know.  I am lost on the subject of DNA  but trying to learn.    

Thank you for answering
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 I think you may be able to up load GenesforGood to Gedmatch. .If I am reading this info correctly.  On GedMatch you go to upload and click GENETIConcept and there at the top of the page is states GEDmatch raw DNA upload utility. Just below that there is a link (detailed upload instructions) which takes you HERE  When reading the information  there is talks about how they assign kit number's .  It states that  genes for good receives  "G" kit numbers and GENETIConcept receives "E" kit numbers.  

With this information being listed here It may be that they are now taking genes for good tests.  I will know soon my kit is here so we will see in about 3 months or less.

by Mel Lambert G2G6 Mach 3 (35.3k points)
No, Genetic Concept is another company you can test with.  Not the same thing as Genes for Good.  Their website is at,  (tried to create the link in this post but the link window, when it opens is screwy and not functioning correctly). :(

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