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Is there anyone on here who can translate the names of 44 men into Norwegian or tell me how to change my keyboard to do this?  I have the 44 men names (in Norwegian) but no idea how to get the marks and accents on them.  Want to post them to the Bus Boat, Scalloway, Shetland & Norway site.  Thank you.
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Are you using a PC, Mac, or a smartPhone

Easiest is just do copy/paste of Characters with problem...

Lower case abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzæøå
Diacritic signs: é, è, ê, ó, ò, â, and ô. 
Loanwords y ü, á, à and é

I am using a MacBook Air plus an iPad.  Isn't there a way to change the keyboard to Norwegian?  Am curious because I have 44 people to enter.

Thanks a lot for your quick  reply.

I played around and I think the easiest seams to just hold a key pressed down and the you get options - at least in some software

I am Swedish and have a MacBook Air and a Swedish Keyboard ==> If you can change your keyboard setup to Norwegian then you have to remember that key xxxx is character yyyy


Big pic

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Another option on a Macintosh that feels the best is the Keyboard viewer see my video how to activate it....

I also played around and a Mac now works as the smartphones.... is my understanding..... just press a key and you get the following more characters to select or? 

When I press e I get 

  • éèêëę

When I press a I get 

  • á




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Thank you so much.  Will have to study this and it may be a clue for me to get this.  Am a computer dummy, but will definitely try this.


Very grateful

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