Double in Law Marriages: How Common are they? [closed]

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In my nutty branch of this tree, I have three sets of brothers who married sisters (all on completely opposite sides).  The Binkley brothers married the Mayo sisters (one set are my father's paternal 2nd ggp), The Hudson sisters married the McClaran brothers (my father's maternal 2nd great aunts/uncles), and the Graham sisters married the Lunn brothers (one set are my mother's paternal 3rd ggp). Does anyone else have this many double in-law marriages? I find it highly amusing, and I'm curious if anyone else out there has the same thing in their branch?
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Summer ,  I don't have numbers , but I do have 4 sisters who married 4 brothers and from what I understand they were first cousins , in 1352 in some small isolated village. So I would think its common. I also had a profile on wikitree where one man was married to three sisters. At first I thought it was a mistake. But he married all three sisters on the same day.  He was Mormon.
interesting....I've read that the children of these couples are actually as closely related genetically as siblings, even though they are double first cousins.  I have a friend who is a double first cousin as well, so I guess it probably is pretty common.  Just seemed like a lot for one tree, especially when I haven't even gotten deep past the 1800s yet!  :D
Wow! I think yours takes the cake :)
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I don't have three vs three but i do have two Clark brothers and one sister who married two Evans sisters and one brother There were also other multiple marriages in other Related lines.  For instance Frenches and Clarks and Evans and Millers.  Luckily, given such surnames, they're not too hard to sort out.  Though I did recently have to change one line of Evans from one generation to another.  It was one of those late child of a father vs an early child of first son of that same father.  I don't think I've entered in this family to WikiTree yet however.
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Yes it was more common than we thought, have in the ONS - several different siblings marrying brothers. Another - eek he married his mother's, brother's daughter - his first cousin.

Another marriage - he married, he died within a few months so she married his brother - she was doomed as he too died within six months or so (hasten to add they were soldiers).

On my paternal grandfather's side 1850s - descendant married a woman on my paternal grandmother's side - it was rather eerie seeing the same name appear again - though they were 100% not related they ended up in the same family. To me - he is my cousin - she is my great aunt.  Have to say - it made it easier as I didn't need to add a new profile with parents/siblings etc.
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My g grandfather married Ada May Merrill.  They raised three kids. She died in 1930, and he remarried his sister in law Amanda Merrill.

He must have loved those Merrill girls -- lol!
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Another Binkley brother and sister married a Waggoner/Wagoner sister and brother. Also in my family tree, a Gatlin brother and sister married a Gower sister and brother.
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In my part of the tree, I have found a father (a widower) who marries again, and then his son marries his father's new wifes sister.
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Three Barbeau brothers married three Menard sisters circa 1830-1870.

They were are all from the same area in Quebec, Bas-Canada and they all later migrated to Wisconsin and Michigan USA.


C'est Bon Magnifique

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My twin great-uncles married sisters.
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I see that a lot in my family tree. On a related note, I have an instance where an individual in my tree married a Deborah A. Denton, when she died, he married her cousin, Deborah A. Denton.
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Hi Summer, don't know if you noticed it or not in my immediate family tree, but my daddy's sister married my mother's brother (say that too fast and you think you are losing it).  I find it interesting that someone said in the comments that the double first cousins are closer than siblings.  I am an only child, so have always felt like my double first cousins were my older "brothers", :).

There is another instance in my family where my grandfather Towns' sister, married my grandmother Towns' half-brother.

I believe there are other instances, I just haven't made a note of all of them yet.

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My grandfather and his brother married my grandmother and her father and two of his brothers married my mother and her two sisters..a double cousin and myself married sisters

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