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I read on her profile it was not known when or where she married William Stanford.  She is my GGGG-Grandmother.  I was able to find, on that they married 29 Jan 1813, in Bulloch County, Georgia.

Their children:

Emaline Stanford     b. ABT 1817 d. 1859

Joseph Stanford      b. ABT 1825 d. 25 JAN 1877

Elizabeth Stanford     b. ABT 1827

Rebecca Stanford     b. 10 Feb 1834  d. 5 JAN 1911

William Stanford        b. ABT 1835

Martha Stanford          b. ABT 1836  d.  ABT 1859

Susannah Stanford    b.  ABT 1840  d. AFT 1900

My mom did a lot of this research before she died in 2001.  My sister has done some, I just recently started researching.  My mom left a lot of papers behind that I am TRYING to get my sister to get out of her garage before it all gets too old to read.  I am hoping she will start doing that sometime soon. 

I will research more.  I go back and forth on the names, when I hit a brick wall.   Go back again later. 

I have been trying to find out what happened to Martha as I know she left behind a 4 year old child, Mary Ann Faulk, when she died.  Her husband, Clark J. Faulk died in the Civil War, around 1864.  My aunt is going to ask my grandmother if she remembers hearing her mother, Mary Ann Harris, being told what happened to her Mary Ann Harris' great grandmother, Martha Stanford Faulk. 

I have noticed while doing research that in 1859 about three or four members died in that same year, same county, leaving me wonder if the flu had passed thru the area. Or something similar. 

Martha Stanford Faulk's little girl, Mary Ann Faulk was raised by Elizabeth Stanford.   Elizabeth Stanford's daughter,  Elizabeth Stanford Smith, and her two children had moved in with Elizabeth, who was now a widow.  Also Caroline Blanton, grandaughter of Elizabeth Stanford, daughter of Emaline Stanford Blanton, had also moved in with her. 

My great-grandmother is still alive.  She was 94 this past March.  Elizabeth Stanford is in my maternal line.

I have a little more information.  I worked all night, as I do every night, getting a bit tired so names are gonna be confusing to think thru here pretty soon.  I better stop. :) 

Have a great day.

Betty J. Tindle

GGGG Granddaughter of Elizabeth Olliff Stanford.

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That should read my GRANDMOTHER is still alive, my great-grandmother died the day before my 28th birthday in 1986. ;)

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That was wonderful information. I posted it on the profile page. Theresa Reynolds the profile manager should see it.  I am not related and If Theresa did not visit G2G wanted the information posted. Thanks Mike

If you are interested in joining WikiTree please let me know. You could jump right in on the page for Elizabeth Olliff Stanfor.

Michael Lechner at:


by Living Lechner G2G6 Mach 6 (63.6k points)
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Thank you!  I hope it is helpful information for any who need it.  I also hope I am answering this right so you can read it. :) LOL  I requested an invitation and received one, this morning.   I am on WikiTree now.  I uploaded my gedcom file, too big.  7200 people. :(  I didn't realize. So, I am trying to trim it down and will upload it again.  Thank you so much for posting this info on the G2G page.  I appreciate it. :)
Remember on uploading gedcom best not to upload too much, may have many duplicates with what is here. Requires a lot of work to merge the files. Best to upload pieces. There are way to many Mayflower lines etc.
I read about not uploading big files, then when I did the next day I did so without even thinking.  I am working on it.  WOW, my mom, being thorough, which is a good thing, if she somehow knew there were ten kids, (I have one family with 17 kids!!) created profiles for them, even if she didn't know their names or anything.  I am deleting them but putting notes on the profile of the parents.  I didn't know she had some "empty" ones in there.  It is the same computer gedcom file she started working on when the software originated.  :)  A wonder my sister and I haven't messed it up.  Heheheh
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Hi Betty,

You've probably already found this, but have you looked at the Olliff family history posted at

I've found it a very valuable resource.  I found Elizabeth (Olliff) Stanford on page 9-16, Martha (Stanford) Faulk on 9-37 and Mary Ann (Faulk) Harris on 9-37 and 9-38.

I'm descended from Benjamin Shears Olliff (Olliff-10, pg 9-77) via William Harvey Olliff (pg 9-92) - I've got some profiles to finish!


by Horkan Smith G2G Rookie (260 points)
Never saw your answer about this.  Yes, have seen it, my mom helped R. Casey with this info.  They were in contact with each other all the time.   I think he mentions my mom, Kathryn L. Pendergrass Tindle, in there somewhere. :)

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