Need upper help: Basic genealogy family all mixed up... [closed]

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Hello: I am a long time MARKHAM researcher. In this region of the tree I am currently wanting to edit etc., is so mixed away from the basic book value, father and son having same wives, all the offspring being mixed up between them and their sons etc. Some also goes just before the 1500 limit too where I also want to make some edits. I can't do much until this is straightened out. It is a fair amount of changes to put this back to basic book value. Can I just go ahead and swing this whole portion of the tree around to known book value, and there are several different profile managers here too. I don't think most of these profile managers would be MARKHAM researchers as such. The Markham Memorials book value is quite extensive and quite clear for the most part, in this region, as to who is who. Now what ?. Cheers - Bart...
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So what have we got.  Mary Leake wasn't Robert's mother, she was his first wife.

His mother was Kath Babington.  She married the youngest John.  His mother wasn't her, it was Anne Neville.

Strange how Anne Neville's been sidelined, considering she brought in most of the ancestry.  Some of these gerrymanderings are motivated, but some are just befuddled.

Can't see anybody complaining if you sort this one out.  It's uncontroversial, it's well documented (History of Parliament etc), and everybody wins.
A bit earlier, Ortnaca has one Sir Robert living to be 96.  We have a more plausible version, on the face of it, with two generations.  Which means we've got all the daughters duplicated.
Bart --

I added some tags to your question to get the attention of folks who can help you.

Also, I hid the other question you had asked that said basically the same thing. I didn't want to hide RJ's comments, so I kept this one. :-)
I'll give a hand if you want, I have some experience doing this, My Chadwell, and Armistead lines were as mixed up, but there getting better.

First thing is to start finding as many sources as you/we can and post them on ALL the profile affected by that source, use sources that everybody can link to, that leaves out, If you do find something there (Birth,marriage, death will, record just copy it to the profile, Facts are NOT copyrightable.  Besides Ancestry steals from everybody else anyway.

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