How do I copy/paste a bio/story to a person in my tree?

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A cousin of mine had typed a wonderful story or short bio. about my Aunt and I have a copy of it on my computer. How do I copy and paste this document into her 'bio'? Perhaps I should know this already; but, I do not want to go 'against the rules' and mess things up, which is so easy to do here on WikiTree. Would hate to 'reinvent the wheel' although it would only take 5-10 minutes for me to re-type it here and give credit to my cousin, the 'source'.


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Do the copy on your computer - go to the profile click on edit and scroll down to the bottom section and you can paste it in there.
by Living Bowling G2G6 Mach 5 (60.0k points)
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With your cousin's permission of course to add it to a public site.
I had figured it out right after posting my question. Must be my old age creeping up; sometimes I draw a 'blank'. I believe my cousin would not object; however, will contact her. She had shared this little 'bio'with another 2nd cousin and myself along with many other pictures, etc., as have I and our 2nd cousin. I am just now attempting to add them to my pages on WikiTree.

Sorry for the question; but, here on WikiTree there are so many 'rules' to follow that I needed to make sure how to do it. Probbly should have just typed it in myself; but, as it was already done no sense to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks for your prompt reply to my question,

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Not sure about the question ... legality or process?  Legality, I bow out ... the process ... well, here we go:

Display that story on your computer via the format in which it was entered or some other that works ... MS Word, Adobe PDF, what ever.

Put your cursor at the top left of the text, left click and hold that button down, and move the cursor to the end of the document.  Not sure how this works on everyone's computer, but, on mine, that text selection is now highlighted in blue.

Now, you need to 'copy' that text ... I'd just do Ctrl-c (hold down the control key and press 'c') or, you could right click on that area you just selected ... a window will pop up ... click on the 'Copy' line.

Now, go to the WikiTree profile and put your cursor where you want that text to be.  Yep, my answer would be Ctrl-v ... or you could right click again and select 'Paste'.

You're done ... well, unless the question was about legality ...
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

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