Why can't my deceased husband show on my Public Profile (My deceased brother shows)

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in The Tree House by Living Wood G2G6 Mach 2 (22.5k points)
I've noticed this too. Parents and children show up when viewing the public view of a living person but spouses are never displayed.
Jamie thank you for your observation. I can certainly understand for a living Spouse - after all they may not want to be displayed, but I am very puzzled why a deceased spouse cannot be shown especially as his Profile is completely Open for the public to see.  There is no sense in this and I would very much like it rectified.
I think you need to call in one of the leaders who may know why this was done.  To do that I think you need to edit your tags on this question, but it doesn't come to me just now what tag you want to have.  Maybe just something like "Leader" will at least get someone to tell you who to check with.
Thank you Dave. A good suggestion. It has been suggested that Husband's are not blood relatives (although mine happens to be my 3rd Cousin Once Removed so he is). I don't see any good reason at all why a Deceased Spouse cannot appear on the Public View in just the same way as a deceased brother.

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This appears to be a deliberate coded design decision of the level 5 (yellow) privacy setting. I too would like to see my wife listed as my wife (even though we are both living), rather than simply the mother of our children. It seems spouses aren't considered blood relatives, so they aren't a part of our tree.

I can't say that I understand the design decision either. The coded definitions of what is visible or not at each level does not seem to be very well spelled out, and there appear to be loopholes in unexpected areas.

Personally, I think the current privacy setting definitions are too strict, but I suspect there are others who don't consider them to be strict enough. Privacy on the internet is a bit of a joke already. You'd be surprised at the amount of "private" information that can be easily gleaned with a simple Google search.
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (585k points)
selected by Living Wood
Thank you Dennis.  Your reply is excellent.  No genuine Privacy because many countries have compulsory by law all our full Names, and yes our full Address right down to the House Number, and our Occupations - all listed publicly on Electrol Rolls for anyone to view.  They do this in New Zealand, one can't opt out except in extraordinary circumstances. A dedicated computer user can sit in the Library, computer on Lap, and enter as much info from the roll as they choose.  They can then manipulate and sort the data any which way they like and use it for any purpose they like!
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You do not show a husband listed (deceased or current) on your profile. Do you have your deceased husband listed as private, unlisted or unknown ? That could be the reason.
by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Yes he is shown as my husband on the Private view just as is also my deceased brother.  Only trouble is my husband won't show on the Public View. His Profile is completely Open for all to see.

Thank you for replying - really do appreciate that David.
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I looked at your profile and couldn't see where he was attached to you as a spouse. Is he linked to you? Or have you marked yourself as Never Married by accident?
by Rosemary Jones G2G6 Pilot (268k points)
Hello Rosemary - yes that is the problem - you can't see him because he doesn't show on the Public View although my deceased brother does.  My deceased husband does show very nicely on the Private View but he has disappeared on the Public View. Just cannot work out why! By the way - his Profile is completely Open.
Looks like marriage is too private a matter to appear on a Yellow profile.  Try changing the privacy setting to Green.
However, that would also reveal your DoB etc.
Horace I would love my Profile to be on Green but WikiTree won't let me because I am alive. If my husband was still alive I could understand but he has died and his Profile is completely open and I would like it to show him on the Public View.  By my reckoning if my deceased brother is allowed to show on the Public View then so should my deceased Husband be allowed.

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