Interactive Collaboration in Real-Time

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Two weeks ago I did an interactive collaboration with two Wikitreers using email.  This has limitations as you can image.  I am now collaborating with a non-Wikitreer and we have chosen to use Evernote Premium.  I highly recommend this form of collaboration.  Two parties can share in online real-time make changes and exchange comments with a single or multiple notes in a notebook.  AWESOME!
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You can also use a Research Note section in WikiTree?? ==> other people can follow the discussion....

Add a sections for things you discuss
== Research Note ==

=== Birth record missing ===

'''~~~~''' we have a problem with xxx

Add ~~~~ to get a timestamp with your WikiTree ID

Its the way WIkipedia Talk pages are used


Video/Web hangout

You also can do a Webhangout and share screen etc.

Evernote allows multiple users to join a group, share a file or note and interactively comment and change it in real-time. Does your alternative do that?
You don't even need hangouts for that, you can do that with Google Docs on Google Drive.

Webhangout is sitting live and speaking and I feel it is not used as much as it should.... speaking and seeing each other and sharing screens, look at the same time on the same page in a church books is excellent..... with real time webhangout you also can save the sessions so other people can see and learn....


Weekly webhangouts about Genealogy done of "normal" people for "normal" people ;-)

I posted in G2G that I was available to have a webhangout see G2G.... the url was


My vision is that we have people willing to assist in Genealogy in an area and we set up ad hoc a webhangout....

In Sweden 10 years ago people interested in an area met and changed experience... I feel we could do the same using webhangouts much easier on the net... 

Also reviewing profiles and helping each other to find more sources is so we get better WikiTree profiles and start working in direction GPS I feel could be done much easier having a dialogue online


Touche!  VERY Good Solution.  Everyone should try it.  Promotes showering and shaving and dressing for a meeting. Did not try shared screen but will do so..  May also be the ideal forum for the Barnes Family Reunion Steering Committee which is spread out.
I only have one question can all parties make changes to the same document?  With EverNote they can?

We are speaking about more options above to collaborate I try to do a list of what I think they can do and can't

as it's always best if we can have also the research info in the profile then other people can see what has been done and what was successful or not  so they don't need to reinvent what we have done or tried to do
+ more people can add info no problem .... but not writing at the same time in the profile...
by adding ~~~~ you get a time stamo and your signature when you added something ==> easy to track plus you have good version management with restore
+ you have G2G integrated and can easy ask questions 

- no chat function
- can't integrate video
- difficult to add pictures inline you need to upload and use markup languages
- it has no real time video conference possibility


+ you can write at the same time in the same document
+ easy upload pictures
- does not include youtube videos you need to add a link
- it has no real time video conferance or? They have Work Chat
- its not integrated in WikiTree

Google hangout

+ you can see each other when talking
+ you can share screens and share other genealogy tools you have on your pc/mac 
+ you can save a video session as a Youtube video that other people can see
+ you can write at the same time in the same document (Google docs)
+ easy upload pictures (Google docs)
- its not integrated in WikiTree

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