Is Family Finder Correct in this relationship?

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I match a person as 5th cousin Remote on Family Finder

My 2nd great grandmother(Gen 5) was the child of Andrew Bass and Anna Holloman

This person that matches me is the 4th great grandson (Gen 7) of John Bass and Julie Ann Holloman.

Andrew and John were brothers. Anna and Julie Anne were sisters.

The Generational spread twixt him and I (Gen 5 and Gen 7) are explained by our different ages, and the fact that my father was the youngest child of a couple in their middle years.

When I use a GEDCOM (Personal Ancestry File) to decipher our relationship, I am told that we are 5th cousins once removed.

Finder put us closer, 4th cousin -remote cousin.

Would the FF result reflect our distant double first cousin relationship. That is my 3rd great grandparents were brother and sister to his 5th great grandparents.
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When you are talking about DNA shared, it is a bit random and the Family Finder uses an algorithm to make an educated guess as to what your relationship is. The best way to be sure is by making sure you have the correct info for your tree and adding your matches tree.

In your case, (Andrew and John were brothers. Anna and Julie Anne were sisters.) you and your match both share 2 sets of grandparents......Andrew and John's parents as well as Anna and Julie's parents. This is your MRC (Most Recent Common) ancestor that you share with your match.

Then you could use the easy way to figure out what degree cousins you are:

(Just keep in mind that this does not "Confirm with DNA" the MCA, to do that you need to triangulate your DNA with at least 2 others that come from seperate lines, so you and your cousin and 1 other.)


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See Kelly Metzler's answer to this question:

Hopefully that answers your question here too.
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not helpful then? I guess I misunderstood the question.

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