why are g2g and g2g/questions different?

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Why are the default g2g recent Q&A list different from g2g/questions ?

The first list displays only 50 questions, with no options to see any older questions (other than a link to g2g/questions).

But while g2g/questions has page continuations, its initial list of 50 questions aren't the same. They're mostly the same, but some obvious ones are missing.

In addition, the default list will display who has recently answered a question, while the page continuation version will only show who asked the questions, but not who answered them.

Why the differences? Is there a bug hiding in the code?

It would be a minor bug, to be sure, but I can see why some questions might get overlooked (even though there is the separate option to view "unanswered" questions).

in WikiTree Tech by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (539k points)
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Because that's how the forum software works? (Apparently this is a standard forum software package...)

G2G has a lot of randomness -- in that respect, it's similar to genealogical research. There are several different entry points to the forum, and each one of them provides a different view. I used to assume that g2g and g2g/questions were the same, but I also discovered recently that this is not true. (This helped me understand why I sometimes had difficulty finding a question I had recently viewed.) And some kinds of recent activity cause an old question on a topic I'm following to pop up in my Navigation Home Page, but other recent activity that looks to me to be identical doesn't cause the question to pop up. And sometimes when I look at the question list on my Navigation Home page I see a link to the rest of my G2G feed, and other times I don't get that link.

It's weird, but I suppose the good news is that all of the good old content is still there some place, and it may reappear when we least expect it.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
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Yes.  There are 4 different sort orders

1 - by last-updated - most useful, but only used by My Feed (restricted to your tags) and Recent Activity (which is only one page)

2 - by last question or answer - used by Recent Q&A (one page)

3 - by question date - used by Recent Questions, Unanswered, etc, and My Favorites

4 - random - used by search results.

This affects bumping behaviour.  A new comment only bumps type 1 pages.  People looking at other views won't be alerted to it.

A question or answer bumps type 1 and 2.  A question also bumps Recent Questions etc.

There's no way to bump My Favorites.  This makes it useless for following.

There's nearly some logic in this.  It's much easier to page a list as stored than an ad-hoc list.  But My Feed shows that the code to page an ad-hoc list is actually in there.  Why we can't have a tag-free equivalent is a mystery.
by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (572k points)

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