Can a sub category group be added for NNS who went to Kentucky?

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A large group of New Netherland descendants from Conewago, York Co PA and Berkeley Co, VA settled in KY very early.  They were attempting to maintain their Dutch ancestry.  They held land in common, kept their language and religion, etc.  Their accomplishments were many in the early settlement of KY.  I think we need a sub category for them.  How do you go about setting it up?
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Ah, I love the idea of exploring the origins of the [mostly anglicized] Dutch names that are found throughout the Upper South -- and starting to help people discriminate between the Dutch who migrated from Pennsylvania and the Germans who migrated from Pennsylvania and were also called "Dutch".

As Carrie says, this would be a great candidate for a One Place Study, or something similar.

The new study would not fall within the scope of the New Netherland Settlers project, although some of the people who went to Kentucky might also be categorized as New Netherland Descendants, and this is definitely a related topic to NNS. 

From sources like and I get the impression that descendants of New Netherland settlers migrated to Kentucky as a group (or in multiple groups) around 1780. (That's outside both the time frame and geographic scope of NNS.)

To cover this topic in WikiTree, you'll want to have at least one category and at least one Free-space page. Before you create these, do you have a good name for this community and topic? I searched on "Low Dutch Colony of Kentucky" because that's a term I saw while skimming the Brouwer-Brewer_Family_Mysteries page, but you may know of a better term. Once you've chosen a name for the category, add that category to a profile for one of the people involved in the Kentucky settlement by entering a category name like [[Category: Low Dutch Colony]] at the top of the profile. That will generate a red link to an edit page where you can create the category. Do that by adding at least one appropriate parent category (maybe [[Category: Kentucky]] for starters?) at the top of the page and adding some text to tell about the settlement and tell what the category is for. For now, I suggest that you link to the New Netherland Settlers categories by including text like See also [[:Category: New Netherland Settlers]] (the colon makes a category name work like a link), but I don't believe that there is an NNS-related category (at least not yet) that's suitable for becoming a parent to this new category.

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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Thanks Ellen for your input.  Your comments are along the same lines I was thinking.  The story of the Dutch in Kentucky has not been widely known and they deserve their place in history. I stumbled on them through my Newkirk and Brouwer families.  Certainly the Swiss were there too but  the Dutch tended to keep to themselves retaining their heritage and fundamental beliefs.  Think I'll check out the free page info and see how it goes.  Once again, many thanks for your insight and help.
Hey there Ellen and Carrie--the Free-space page is up and running.  I am still adding data but the basics are there.  [[Category:Low Dutch Settlements in Kentucky]]

Wow, Connie! That's a lot of great content in that new category. Nice work!

To hold the category page down to a manageable size for a category, the detailed content is best placed in a "free-space" page -- I expect it should be created at -- which you can link to from the text section of that category and place in the category. (To create a free-space page, go to Add > New Thing on the WikiTree menu.) Then the text of the category page can be trimmed back to a shorter summary.

Hi Ellen,  I think I am getting a handle on this.  Trimmed the category page so it is more manageable.  I still don't understand what is supposed to go in the summary.  Then I did a free space page for the leftovers I removed from the category page. Find it here:

It has been fun figuring out how this works.  Really appreciate your help.  Thanks.

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That sounds like it would be a great candidate for a One Place Study, like Germana for example.

Otherwise, I'm not sure, there would need to be emigrant categories for every destination of the New Netherland Descendants?

by Carrie Quackenbush G2G6 Mach 8 (81.3k points)
Hmmm, That would work.  Put all the sources and gather names under one umbrella.  Thanks, I'll think on this some more.


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