i used to be able to go past 1500s, but how do i continue that interest?

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Some time back, I was able to include whatever and whomever past the 1500s. But now, with the specifications, I am no longer allowed to. I tried to meet the qualifications, but am at a dead end i guess. What else do i need to do in order to continue with my passion for such history before 1500s? thanks
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If you've requested pre-1500 certification (details are on the page that Jillaine linked to) and you've been turned down, there probably was a reason -- and you can reapply after you've resolved whatever the issues were.

I have the impression that the reviewers of those cert requests are looking for evidence in your contributions that indicates that you:

  • Are attuned to the problems with name spelling, uncertain dates, etc., that lead to creation of duplicate profiles in earlier centuries (pre-1800 and earlier)
  • Are committed to providing good sources for the content you create
  • Communicate with project leadership and other WikiTreers, as appropriate, when questions arise about genealogy of early ancestors, duplicated profile, etc.

That's probably an incomplete list, but the general idea is that, to demonstrate your qualifications to work on pre-1500 profiles, you need to be doing high-quality work in the areas where you currently have access.

Well I have completed all the requirements and a question concerning which profile I wanted to research further into was posed and it would be Hiestand-89. He is the last one I could link my family to and would love to go further, learn more details about him and his family, etc.
Well, that's confusing.

Hiestand-89 and his parents) was born after 1600, so you should be able to edit that profile and several earlier generations without pre-1500 certification. And you can research this family before 1500 without having access to edit pre-1500 profiles.

I see you are yet another person who has experienced frustration with pre 1500 certification.  I found the process quite threatening and frustrating.  I have a certificate and would not wish any one else to experience my process.  The application page needs to be brought up to date with what actually happens, what you actually have to do and what actually is the time frame.  Processes need reviewing, using a transparent process.  I gather that a select few make the decisions and have a lot of power.  It would be interesting to know how many and how they are chosen.

Because of the number of unfavorable comments that keep coming up since the process was changed earlier in the year, there needs to be a total review with lessor mortals like you and me able to take part.  It needs to be done now.

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Not long ago, Wikitree initiated a process that requires each of us wanting to work on pre-1500 profiles to submit an application. They did this because there were an increasing number of problem entries that were taking too much time to deal with. See this help page:

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