First time - Should I note a DNA Confirmation?

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I have a confirmed cousin on 23andMe, and our MRCA is White-28702. We are third cousins, once removed (as he is in my father's generation). His line to our MRCA is not in WikiTree. Although I have read the DNA Confirmation instruction page, I still have several questions:

1. Is it okay to DNA confirm on 3C1R generally? The guideline says not to confirm on the basis of one test unless it is third cousins or closer. We are third cousins, once removed, so that is outside the guideline. Would you ever confirm with one test with this relationship? Never confirm? Case-by-case?

Edit: Having slept on it and read through some of the DNA discussions, this is what I think (please chime in if I am wrong on any of this) -- although the relationship may be supported with DNA evidence, per the Confirmation guideline this is not "Confirmed" until I can triangulate with two other distant cousins (because 3c1r is the equivalent to 4th cousins).

2. Is it okay to DNA confirm (or even possible) if his line is not in WikiTree?  Since his parent and he are both living, I would not normally create profiles for them. Can you modify the suggested citation appropriately to cite to something outside of WT? EX: * Maternal relationship is confirmed with a 23andMe test match between [[me]] and (Private - 23andMe tree?), third cousins cousins once removed. Predicted relationship from 23andMe: "3rd to 5th Cousin based on 0.44% DNA shared across 2 segments."

If I never receive any response and if I never find two additional cousins to compare with, then I can make a note of the DNA support (different from DNA confirmation).

I could (and will) ask him if he would consider joining WT or if it is okay to include him but I also know that sometimes people are simply not responsive. What then? His family tree through 23andMe is public and his traditional tree looks solid. It is no more or less reliable than an unsourced GEDCOM that has been imported to WT.

3. Regardless of the answers to 1 and 2, if I were to get a third cousin match at some point, does that confirm all the relationships down from the common great great grandparents automatically, or do you have to do each manually?

After reading a few other strings, it sounds like the answer is YES you have to confirm each relationship manually down from the confirmed MCRA. It is only 3 or 4 steps, so not a big deal.

Thanks in advance.

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I am  currently T1 needing to test hvr2.My Kit # is 260231 at ftdna.

I am descended from William Cribb White

Elizabeth Amelia White

Anna Lorena Estes

Harold Ray VanDyke

Bonnie Rae VanDyke

Eva J Church

I have 1 mutation 16104t that is or has been  few and far between to match.

This is however my mom's paternal side.
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Wow! If another distant cousin responds to this post, I may have to figure out how to do two best answers. I certainly did not expect this! Thank you! :)
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Maxine, just a quick response as I'm on the road...

You need to triangulate to prove the connection, i.e. you need a third person that matches both you and the cousin mentioned on the same chromosome segment.

I have a couple cousins that aren't on Wikitree but are part of triangulated groups that prove common ancestry.  I have created profiles for their descent from the MRCA down to their parent (keeping the setting at private with public biography & family tree if they are still living), then make a note in the biography section of the parent with regard to the triangulated group/match.
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Thanks Darlene! I like your approach and suggestion for the non-members. It looks like I have two distant cousins (one on WikiTree), and so will be patient and try to find my third. As I mentioned, if that never happens, then I will probably note the fact that there are two connections but would not mark Confirmed.
Maxine, have you looked on Gedmatch to see if others match you on that segment?  Are you aware of (another free site to help you analyze/map your chromosomes)?  Just want to provide information on sites you might find useful.  Good luck!
I was not aware of DNAGedcom, so thank you for that. As for Gedmatch, I have looked there but am not yet entirely familiar with how to use all of the features (like finding or matching a particular segment). I will continue to explore there. Thanks again!

Maxine, you can combine the tools available on Gedmatch with those available at DNAGedcom to help you see shared segments.  Look over the manual here for information on doing that:

You might find this article helpful for learning about using Gedmatch:

Feel free to drop me a PM if you have specific questions or want guidance away from G2G.  I love DNA research and love to discuss with others to help them get going on their own!

That is great information, and thank you for the resources! I will review and will be in touch. Again, thank you!!!

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