V.C. image not appearing in profiles

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The image for the Victoria Cross medal is not appearing in profiles.

The code is:

 |image = Mil_template_images-9.png
 |Medal = Victoria Cross

Thanks, Kev
WikiTree profile: Bernard Freyberg
in WikiTree Tech by Kevin Sands G2G6 Mach 3 (32.1k points)
retagged by Living Sälgö

I guess someone has added it to a protected profile ==> it gets the protection of that profile..

See http://www.wikitree.com/photo/png/Mil_template_images-9

I don't know how to bug report it but I start adding a sysops tag to your question...

Looks like it just that image with problem see Space:Mil._template_images

I see this problem as well. I have VC on http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Martin-Leake-5 and it is not showing.
Thanks for your reply, Magnus, and for the tag. I've learned something today.

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That image was open but for some reason it is now privacy protected not sure why, but I think Magnus is right someone added the image to a private profile, hopefully a sysops can change it back to a open image, so the template can work again.
by Terry Wright G2G6 Pilot (193k points)
selected by Living Sälgö

I mark "Magnus was right" as best answer ;-)

Maybe I am wrong but I feel we have seen the same problem with Flags more times

Suggestion: Add a checkbox to images that can be checked by the uploader that says this picture will always be public ==> we don't run into problems like this

I was trying to work out what was the problem when I saw your message Magnus, when I saw your post  in the G2G it made sense there could be no other reason, because it's a template image it was and should remain open. A checkbox saying the image should always be public sounds like a great idea
Is this a big job to fix because it's 16 days now .... and counting!
For some reason I can not even guess someone  deleted the VC template image, I will have to add the image again and fix the template. I am away from Wikitree  at the moment but I will do it in the next couple of days
Its there its just that WikiTree let people add images to protected profiles ==> then no one else can see them....

I added sysops tag to the question.... maybe that is not enough....
When I looked last week the image was privacy protected showing a thumbnail but now when I click on to the link it says error image not found

Re Terry You are right.... then the question is is it still there or has some succeeded to delete it....

My understanding is that a picture is some time in the Wikitree database before it's gone...

Maybe you are right its just to upload new pictures and change the template.... feels like buying a new apartment when the old one is dirty instead of cleaning the apartment ;-) 

Ps. I added a reference to Bernard Freyberg from Wikidata  
Video https://youtu.be/APxG3AOJMGw
Wikidata object https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q334990
Wikipedia article Bernard_Freyberg,_1st_Baron_Freyberg

==> He will appear on the generated map of WikiTree people in WikiData see my blog post that has the result of the query http://tinyurl.com/jxrb4h5

I created a new G2G topic

I realized those templates are "wrong designed" when we have the picture name as arguments in the template then every time someone is deleting the picture all templates need to be updated which feels like asking for a mess.... and the idea using a template is that you should just update the template when you get a problem... 

Thank you Magnus hopefully we can sort this template out so members can use it again
@Terry I hope we get some contact with the other side....;-)

We have the same problems with flags that they can be deleted by "normal" users and then the flag file name is used as an argument ==> all templates using this flag need to be updated if someone delete them....

Good thing having the file name as an argument is that you always can upload your own file that just you manage... ;-)
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THANK YOU to everyone who is trying to resolve this problem.
by Kevin Sands G2G6 Mach 3 (32.1k points)
edited by Kevin Sands

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