Further to my question about SHOUTING (all caps), what about general clean-up editing being allowed w/o trusted status?

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It strikes me that it would useful to be able to do clean-up (editorial) work on profiles regardless of whether one were on a trusted list or not. This would go some distance toward galvanising folk to act positively to bring up the general standard of data entry. What about this as a suggestion to help improve the appearance of the content of Wikitree and make it appeal to more careful genealogists who might otherwise be turned off by basic problems with low-grade entries?
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The challenge is to change Last name at Birth ==> you need to be profile manager.....

I think in the long run when we get more focus on quality inside WIkiTree we will have some people with those privileges.... 

Today we have people who has 

  • uploaded 5000 profiles - takes 10 minutes to upload to WikiTree 
    • with nearly no sources - takes 1000+ man hours to fix if its possible as most at least of old Swedish profiles are just story telling and not genealogy
    • all  Caps... - takes 200 hours to fix
    • and then do nothing.....

So should good WikiTree citizens spend hours asking for beeing profile manager and wait 3,4,5,6, weeks etc.... it is a not working procedure....

So I think the WikiTree community need to agree if we should have a lot of profiles with errors or some core trusted people who clean or use backend SQL procedures. 

Suggestion Maybe that you yearly has to commit that you are an active profile manager and can we let the WikiTree community manage your profiles... ==> doing the profiles with no profile manager...



Looks like many people finds its ok to change obvious errors. See 

The result 66% of the answers are suggesting Bold

Yes, many people (me included) think it's ok to be bold in changing obvious errors.

However I doubt they're ok with changing obvious errors into non obvious errors, which is why we should be very very very careful with using backend SQL procedures to change data (personally I think they should not be used at all for that purpose).

@Joke van Veenendaal 

One option is to add to the WikiTree profile that its ok to update my profiles for obvious errors using backend/bot.... 


Julie, please convert your comment to an answer. It really belongs there, and then we can upvote it, too! ;-)
If it is an Open profile, you can do a lot more.
@Jillaine -- done and thank you. :-)

Hi Upton

We have a Profile Improvement Project.  Also, if you come across profiles with GEDCOM clutter, there's a Style Guide for cleaning it up.

Welcome to WikiTree!

I believe we all like the help from others at times. But sometimes we like to do it ourselves. I had members repairing my errors while I was repairing them. I think that a gentle question asking if someone needs help could work. Like everyone else, I have a family that takes priority over everything else. Sometimes I do not have time to correct my mistakes right now or do not know about them until I see them in the Error Report. I have just as much fun repairing as the next person. Sometimes the error is above my level of knowledge.
Surely, the question "do you need help?" can be VERY patronising.  And contacting the PM first about every single little thing is worse.

1) May I correct this typo YOU MADE, you ignoramus
2) May I correct this spelling mistake YOU MADE, you idiot
3) May I correct this pre-1776 birth location, you...

Do you see what I mean?  So much nicer and politer to just quickly slip in there without shouting about it and make the tiny correction, leaving a one-sentence explanation in the 'Explain Your Changes' box.
Ros I do not see what you mean by someone asking you "if you would want help" is patronizing but respect your opinion. I am on the other side of the spectrum. I think it is nicer and kinder of someone does ask me. I had people on different occasion repairing my errors while I was doing them. repairing errors is just as much fun for me as it is for someone else.IMHO, I feel that people should be asked if they want help. I enjoy repairing my own errors. Errors on the other hand that are above my knowledge is greatly appreciated if someone does a repair. Again IMHO for someone to repair an error just because they are in a contest in WT is selfish. I will never learn if someone does all of my work. It is my opinion that if Joe Genealogist repairs all of my work for his benefit, why should I even try to make something nice? Someone else will do it. That is not me. It took me a long time to get this information and sometimes even longer to get acceptable Sources at least allow me to fix it the best that I could.

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Upton --

I wasn't in on the other part of this conversation, but this is a wiki site. So, editing, in general, if you're not on the Trusted List is very much OK.

The problem comes in when people start editing without providing sources for their information or they start changing the layout someone has worked hard to establish. 

If you see a profile that has had a lot of work done on it, it's always best to leave any information you have to share in a Public Comment or send a message to the Profile Manager; however, if you are coming in to do GEDCOM clean up, fix obvious errors like typos, obviously bad dates, etc., there's no need to be on a Trusted List to do that on an Open profile. 

I'm probably a little off topic here, but if someone else comes along and sees your question without understanding the context, I want them to understand that general clean up is welcome. :-)


p.s. Our Help page about Communication before Editing.

by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (425k points)
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Julie, I like members to help me especially when it is above my level of comprehension. I like to do things by myself sometimes. An example would be when I added USA to a birth, marriage or death prior to 4 July 1776. I researched it here and found a remarkable thread about that subject. Everyone added their thoughts and knowledge and someone did come up with a list of the way it should be done with very deep instructions. It was a great learning experience. It also made me observe of my own errors better. Remember that some people think that repairing their own errors can be just as fun as someone else.

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