On the error reports -- why do I get a report for someone who is no relation -- and I'm not the profile manager?

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On the error reports -- why do I get a report for someone who is no relation -- and I'm not the profile manager?

WikiTree profile: John Snider
in WikiTree Tech by Patricia Hickin G2G6 Mach 8 (84.8k points)
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He is related. I ran the Connection Finder, and it tells me that...

Patricia (you) are the daughter of:

Minter, who is the son of:

Minter, who is the son of:

William, who is the son of:

Mary Price, who is the sister of:

Margaret Price, who is the wife of:

John Snider, who is the son of:

John Snider - Snider-1480
by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (898k points)
That's a connection, there is no genealogical relation between them.
Based on my understanding, there is a genealogical connection (through a marriage) - there's no genetic/biological/blood line connection. However, the error report goes along genealogical lines and will branch out to all family lines, marriages, etc. to find connections to interrelated family members and where errors might exist.
Thanks, Scott. Is there a auto-way to discern that? Is it obvious when anyone sees the tree?

@Roberta Burnett what do you want

You have today on the page http://wikitree.sdms.si/default.htm possibility to 

  1. Create a error report based on your Watch list
  2. Create an error list starting with a UserID ex Berg-1880
  3. Restrict it to Bloodline 
  4. Error report on profiles an user has created 
  5. Errors based on location e.g. San Diego

Based on your comment, I will get error reports on my nth great aunt, Martha (Stacy) Baker's husband's ancestors of whom  I'm only connected to by her marriage to Preston Baker even though I'm not related by blood to any of those Baker ancestors, not on their Trusted Lists, and I am not a profile manager of any of them.

I already e-mailed the profile manager of the error, but I never did any research into that Baker family.

David, hi. You sent the message above to me, but it should have gone to PATRICIA HICKIN, whose message is at the top of this string, not me.  Mr Saigo was addressing my question about "discerning connections to inter-related [people] and where errors might exist."
How do you run the "connection finder?"  I am only familiar with the relationship finder.  Thanks!  jan
I now am in doubt, but I think it's the same widget that asks if you're related to QE2 or some trigger happy man (I found him the other day, by chance). It is similar to the relationship finder, Janne.
Roberta, how did you "get to" the connection finder?
But then would we not receive 90% of errors on WikiTree seeing as we are all related or connected somehow?
Thank you for these links.I am wary to change as I also use Wiki to keep track of Birthdays etc. Would this affect our "anniversaries" at all? Or does it only affect the "suggestions"?
My cousin is the only profile manager of many of the inter-related people we share in  common, but has not added me to their trusted lists and has yet to remove the errors on many of our shared relatives' profiles.  I can't fix them as the profiles are either private  or public and not open.  I don't know when he will get around to fixing them.
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Are we not supposed to help clean up the system, no matter if you're related to a person or not?  I was quite successful in sending out short messages to folks who have errors on their profiles.  They responded quickly and fixed their errors.
by Catherine du Toit G2G2 (2.3k points)

I've sent out messages before, too.  The profile manager has not cleaned their many public and not open profiles of people directly related to me whom I cannot fix because I don't have access to the profiles.  I even had to explain to him where his error report could be found and how to clean up the profiles.  He's given me trusted list help in the past, but I don't want to ask him for trusted list access on ten or more profiles at the same time.

I would like the errors fixed, however.

People don't pull their error reports every week. I did recently pull mine and simply haven't had time to focus on it. It is very satisfying to get things cleaned up. I'm going to be very busy for the next three days or so too. C'est la vie, when there is a "la vie."

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