Anyone else have Ancestry DNA results and searching their Ray line pls write me.

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My Ray line is from NC into Ga, then few came into Florida, I have 3 tests back from Ancestry, me, my brother and a Ray 1st cousin.Anyone want to try to compare them?
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My Ray line is from Alabama and Georgia.  Ray is my Great Grandmother's maiden name, Nannie Lou Ray Slappey.  My mom and I both did Ancestry DNA.
Hello!  My name on Ancestry is Linda_Mattingly65, my brother's is L.M. administered by me and my cousin is David Lester Ray. Can you check these names as matches and send me the names of yours?

My Gedmatch is A030594.  I have not loaded the other's on it yet.

Most of my research originates with Allen Ray Sr, abt 1788-1864 in Telfair Co , Ga. and his two wives, Temperance Brewer and Margret McDaniel. He had about 16 children, was in Georgia from about 1820 until death in 1864. He is so far the furtherest I can get back.

Hope we match and can figure out how!

Hi Linda, my name is Deanna Clark Summer and on Ancestry is d2summers. I could not find your Allen Ray Sr. in my line.  My Great Grandmother (Nannie Lou Ray) was married to William Alford Slappey.  Nannie's parents were Marion Brew Ray and Nannie A Horn.  My Gedmatch is A682393, my mom's Gedmatch is A224090 (administered by me). Here is a link for my Wiki page..hope it works.

My email address is
I have Ray DNA as well, though the locations do not seem like very close matches. Most of my Rays were in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. But further back, they do reach to the Alabama/Georgia area. Perhaps we have a connection there somewhere.
Hello! My name on Ancestry is Linda_Mattingly65 , see if we are a match, I did not know how your name shows up on it to look. Thanks so much for responding! Linda
Hi Deanna, Sorry it took me so long to respond. I did not find you as a match on Ancestry, and gedmatch only shows me up to 4th cousins and we could connect back further but I do not know how to tweak it. My gedmatch is A030594, perhaps you can tweak it?  Thanks, Linda
Hi Linda, sorry but I'm not that good at figuring out GEDmatch, but I will try. You might show up on my mother's since it is her Grandmother that was a Ray. I will check on hers also and let you know. I will also check Ancestry for a match. Deanna
You are on the list that Robert just sent me a link for!  How exciting, we are connected, now to just put the dots together!! Linn was also a match!! This is wonderful, now where to go from here.....
Hello, Mr. Voigt . . . I recently discovered that my biological father's surname was Ray. I was born in Oklahoma. I've got several matches to those with Ray ancestry on GEDmatch, but we haven't been able to figure out the connection yet. Maybe there's a connection here.
My name is David W. Ray. I am from Mt Sterling KY. I have applied for the Ancestory DNA kit. I have my DNA from Family Tree tho.  I am in South Carolina now. Retired  Disabled Air Force Vet. You can reach me at
David, perhaps we are related. My biological father was a Ray, and the family was in the same areas, I think. Please check out his line; my WikiTree profile is Carkin-47.

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Hello Linda,

Here are the Rays in WikiTree you have a descendant who has tested with AncestryDNA:

Here are the Ray descendants in WikiTree who have had an autosomal DNA test:

It is easy to compare between AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and Family Finder if you register at and follow GEDmatch's instructions to upload your autosomal DNA results there.

Sincerely, Peter
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WOW, that is so neat!!  Thank you so very much!!

How do you do that on other surnames?

Thanks again!!
Change RAY in the addresses above to the other surname.
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i'll give it a go but mine came into Pennsylvania and then to indiana.  if a match may have to review findings and re ask stories
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Great! Is yours on Ancestry or Gedmatch?
You and Deanna show up on the list that was just sent to me by Robert!!

How exciting!!  I found cousins!!! Now maybe we can connect the dots!!

This is great!
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My grandmother Mary Ann Ray Mishoe was born in Horry County, SC. Her father Francis Marion Ray was born in SC as well. My 2x GGF Edward Thomas Ray was born in Maryland abt. 1823 and died during the Civil War..

There are several Ray families in Scotland County, NC where I was born. I have tried for years to find a link between the two families but no luck so far.
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My name is Jennifer Serles and i just adopted John Ray 1763-1816 on wiki he is my 5th great grandfather on my Serles side.
by Jennifer Serles G2G2 (2.5k points)
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For anyone researching their Ray lineage, you'll need to keep in mind the various spellings because this surname has evolved considerably over the centuries it has been in use.  There are several variations -- most commonly Wray, Rea, and Rhea, and often these are believed to have evolved from the much older surname MacRae (which has a few closer variations of its own -- including McRae, McCray, etc.).
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Not very good at this, but my paternal grandmother was Caledonia Ella Ray. Her father was George S. Ray and ggf was James C Ray. The family moved from NC to GA, AL, LA, and TX. They seem to have been involved over a long  period with my Paul side. I have made account public but it's sparse.  Linda Paul.
by Linda Paul G2G Crew (350 points)
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My Ray line came from Orange Co, NC.  Robert had Charles Washington Ray who moved to TN.  I have an autosomal DNA test kit no file here.  Soon I'll have Y and mt data.
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Linda, we would be interested if your research turns up any descendants of Wilson Ray (~1792 GA - ~1860 TX) who in 1818 in Lincoln Co, GA married Mary Weathers, whose father we have not yet been able to determine.  The descendants of Wilson Ray are in our Weathers Family atDNA Study hosted on gedmatch and their gedmatch numbers show on the right side of his profile:
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Hello, Linda,

I keep seeing your post a nd thinking I should write. I do have a Ray line, and they came from one of the Carolinas. My Rays settled in Henry County, Tennessee, and were in Tennessee somewhere by 1803. You can see my DNA test information there, and at Ancestry, my ID will also connect you to my two sisters' matches BS and SH. I also have a cousin one generation older than I am, and he is only on FTDNA, My Heritage and GEDMatch. Let me know if You'd like his information. He has a WikiTree profile, but his DNA isn't attached.
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I'm new to WikiTree, and have DNA tests at FTDNA and Ancestry.

FTDNA kit #269531

Ancestry username - Ray_Dwight

My ancestors moved from Wilkes Co, NC to Pike Co, Kentucky in early 1800's.  I have a pretty full tree beginning with Joseph Ray (Wray), with over 500 of his descendants listed.  I can share anything from that tree that you wish.  My goal is to confirm Joseph's parents, and then trace the line to Europe.
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My Ray line is DNA proven to the Rays of Denston, Suffolk, although I am searching for confirmation of the connection at my 6g grandfather, born about 1757, probably in Maryland or Virginia.
by Dwight Ray G2G4 (4.6k points)

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