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This auto-locking of profiles that the system thinks might be living is real annoying.  There has to be a better way to handle it.  At least give a pop-up warning that the profile will be locked.

Can someone please unlock Ruby Pohto-154 and set her death date to January 1974?
WikiTree profile: Ruby Pohto
in WikiTree Tech by Joe Cochoit G2G6 Pilot (264k points)
recategorized by Joe Cochoit
Joe, only a sysop can fix this profile. Leaders can't change the privacy settings on red-private profiles. You may want to change the tagging on your question -- or send a message to the WikiTree Team.
What tag would I use Ellen?  Sysop?

Well, since "auto-locking" isn't the name of any known WikiTree feature, you might want to change the question to be more specific about the nature of your concern, which I think relates to "Profiles that suddenly get converted to Private locked status." And, yes, the sysops tag would be appropriate; also consider the privacy and orphaned_profiles tags. Finally, since this is a technical issue related to operation of the site, I'd put it in WikiTree Tech.

And yet, "auto-locking" is exactly the functionality that happens, regardless of what the "feature" is officially named.
Dennis, specificity in questions increases the chance that the question will get the appropriate attention. When I saw the subject of this question ("Auto-locking Profiles") and the "improvements" tag placed on it, my first guess on its content was that someone was requesting the addition of a feature that would allow a profile to be automatically locked -- for example, to prevent edit conflicts during active editing. And one reason I looked at this question is that yesterday I was kicked out of editing a profile when the privacy was mysteriously changed from Open to Public while I had the edit window open and was in the middle of adding content and sources (content that I lost when I tried to save my changes) -- an entirely different "auto-locking" issue from the one that Joe posted about.
specificity -- I love that word... and yes, I totally agree. (and I agree with your suggested tag additions -- maybe add "tech" too).

I think the issue you describe is pretty much exactly the same that Joe is describing (even if the way you arrived at it is slightly different).

We don't want more auto-locking. We just want a warning before it happens and prevents us from completing our edits. :)
I think the issue I described is different because I believe the change from Open to Public was unrelated to my editing. Another user had adopted the profile the day before. Maybe he decided to change its privacy setting while I was actively editing (this was going to be my second edit within a few minutes). Or maybe he changed the privacy setting when he adopted it (privacy changes aren't logged anywhere I can see them), but for some strange technical reason the change didn't register until after I made my first edit after he adopted it.

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I've also encountered this.

I agree. There should be a warning that certain edits will cause an otherwise open profile to suddenly auto-change its privacy to locked.

One possible workaround (at least in this case), when the profile is orphaned, adopt it. Then when finished with your edits, you can abandon it again (but remember to note the original privacy level, and set it back).
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (582k points)

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