Do you know everyplace you've lived?

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My first memory is when we moved into the house my dad inherited from his dad in the spring of 1949.  It's visible on the left of the photo of my grandpa.  I know there were at least 2 other places we lived before we moved there, not too far away and I got to visit at least one of them, but I don't know what the addresses were.  I was in this house in Gahanna, Franklin, Ohio, USA for 12 years, then on a farm in Knox, Ohio, USA for 34 years and now I've been in a townhouse in Tempe, Maricopa, Arizona, USA for 21 years.  Of course there were places I was TDY to like college and university and the US Army.  But those were the main, permanent places.  So do you know all the places you've lived in your life?
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Great question. Can't actually remember the earliest ones, but I have photos:

1. London UK 1956 Born there, but left when I was 4 months old to head back to my mum's homeland, Australia.

2. Coogee NSW 1957 My grandparents' flat 

3. Leura NSW 1957-8 rented house. We left because the bushfires got to within a street of our house.

4. Regentville NSW 1958-9 another rented house. This I remember. Acres of farmland backing onto the Nepean River. The Roots family and their chickens next dor. Aunty Mary and Uncle Jack O'Reilly across the road with their children. Finding our dog, Poochy (who used to attack the Roots' chickens!) and our budgie, Johnny (named after Johnny O'Keefe, the father of Aussie rock n roll. He too was a "Wild One".) THe hornets' nest in the shed at the back.

5. Dundas NSW1959-1980 Our family home. Growing up in the suburbs of Sydney was a great time. So many kids, so much freedom.

6. Parramatta NSW 1980 Renting a flat with my new husband. Cockroaches the size of small mammals. LOL

7. Cabramatta NSW 1981-1989 Buying our first flat in the middle of the Vietnamese capital of western sydney. What a great place. Great friends and neighbours (there were exceptions!!! lol) and even greater shopping and food. The birth of two daughters.

8. Liverpool NSW 1989-1992 Our first house. A three BR brick with a big crack in the front wall. Lots of great experiences.

9. Fairfield NSW 1992-1996Our first church house. Great memories. AOK's (All Other Kultures) Bible Study.

9. Bossley Park NSW  . 1996-2002 Our second church house. Lots of good memories. Some rough ones (like the church sign being used as a roman candle....twice)

10. Parkville Victoria 2002Training for Missions. An interesting time. Health Issues.

11. Sylvania 2002-6 NSW Back to church life. Great house. Two storeys. Great kerbside throwouts in the area. Great people.

12. Liverpool NSW 2006-11 Rebuilding on our block. What a great house that was. 6 bedrooms. 

13. Armadale WA 2011-15 A big move to the other side of Australia. The house a bit small but a great outside shed.

14. Leda WA 2015-  Our new house. Love this place.

by Susan Scarcella G2G6 Mach 7 (73.3k points)
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When i was a young, renting, single, I moved everythime the oven needed to be cleaned. LOL
by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (588k points)
Your my kind of woman Kitty LOLO
Wow! We're twins Kitty. I hate cleaning ovens.
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I remember all of them.  Pittsburgh , Pa.  Walhalla , SC. ,  Flagstaff , Az.  Freeport , Tx .  Clemson , SC . Biddiford , Me . Camarillo , CA. And back to Flagstaff.
by Anonymous Roach G2G6 Pilot (186k points)
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Yes, it was easy for me as a child as we only resided in one location, Norwalk, Connecticut until I graduated from high school in 1968. Then I joined the Army and for the next twenty plus years I moved from Ft McClellan, in Anniston, Alabama, to Fort Jackson, in Columbia, South Carolina. Reenlisted and moved to Fort Devens, Massachusetts. then reassigned to Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. 

Went overseas to Thailand during the Vietnam War, then came back to  Fort Bliss, Texas. Then went to Huntsville, Alabama, then back to Fort McClellan, Alabama as a Drill Sergeant. 

For the next three years lived in Bad Tolez, Germany (near Munich) from 1978-1981. After that went back to Aberdeen Proving Grounds Maryland for a second time. Then lived in Florida for 6 months while in attendance at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute in Orlando. My last leg of military service was at Fort Benning, in Columbus, Georgia where I retired after 20 years of military service.  

Not done moving yet though, next I moved back to Anniston, Alabama for 8 years, then to Anderson, South Carolina for 5 years. Finally settled in Nashville, Tennessee where I have been for the last 14 years. 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
Ah, I was in Fort Bliss (Actually Biggs Field) for a year in the army Mostly this was 1970 and I was learning Vietnamese (northern dialect.)
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Well I don't remember the first place I lived. I was too little. Answering the question in my head, I couldn't remember the address either. But genealogical sleuth that I am, I looked it up on my birth certificate.

I suppose, one day, if I can't remember where I lived when I died, I'll be able to look that up on my death certificate.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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Yes, I do know everyplace I have lived. I have it all listed on my Profile page.
by John Noel G2G6 Pilot (713k points)
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I was lucky enough to be the third generation to live in the house I grew up in. Lived there till I was 18 so everywhere else I've lived is well within the range of my memory.
by Larissa Loomes G2G6 Mach 1 (10.3k points)
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I, also, was born in the three generation lived in home until I departed for college.  Came home for two years of employment, then four years away on another employment.  Came home to marry my( whole) life time friend and spent our 47 year marriage one mile from where I was born.  Came full circle.  After my husband died I have remained in our home and will probably die here and be buried in the local cemetery with the other seven generations of my family there.  So it is simple to rename locations.
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (401k points)
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I remember them all.

Flat in Badham Ave, Mosman, NSW

House in Musgrave St, Mosman, NSW

House in Cremorne, NSW

House in Alderly, Qld

House in St Lucia, Qld

Flat in North Sydney, NSW

House in Gordon, NSW

Room in White Plains, NY

Apartment in Ossining, NY

Apartment in Tulsa, OK

Houses in Tulsa, OK
by Rosemary Jones G2G6 Pilot (245k points)
I have an aunt who lives in Tulsa OK.  Well a suburb NE of Tulsa. I got to visit her a couple of years ago. She was still quite spry for a lady in her late 80s.
Small world.
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John's Island, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Kent, Washington

Puyallup, Washington

Mulino, Oregon
by Betty Fox G2G6 Pilot (170k points)
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Yes, I remember everywhere that I lived in Ohio, NJ, NY and NC. :)
by J Murray G2G6 Mach 3 (35.4k points)
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That is a simple question for me. yes I remember them all and to boot if you marked them all on a map, I have lived within 5 miles of my next location all of my life. So far all the houses are still there but the trailers have been moved.
by Charles West G2G6 Mach 1 (13.7k points)
The first house I can remember was moved after we sold it to a company who wanted the land for an office building.  The house, I was told, was later torn down.

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