Connection links not showing up on connected profiles

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I'm used to having to wait until the next day to see the panel of connection links (to Kevin Bacon, Anne Frank, A.J. Jacobs, and Queen Elizabeth) show up on the bottom of a profile after connecting it. It's not instant response, but it's still an easy way to see whether a profile is connected to the main tree or not.

But over the past week or so, I've been seeing reports from a number of people saying that, even the next day (or a few days later) those links aren't showing up on profiles which have been connected to other profiles which do show those links. Logically, those profiles should be connected to the main tree and get the links by the next day, but for some reason, they're not.

The profiles that I have heard about which, as far as I know, should show the connection links but don't include:





I'm thinking that there isn't enough Purina Hamster Chow in the hoppers leading to the hamster cage, so the hamsters aren't running in their exercise wheels quickly enough to turn the generator that powers the flux capacitor. (There is, of course, the remote possibility that something else is causing the problem, but that's my diagnosis.)

WikiTree profile: John Johnson
in WikiTree Tech by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (530k points)
It's the new improved recipe.  They don't like it.
The problem should now be fixed. Thank you, Greg, and others who reported it.

Yes, we ran out of Purina Hamster Chow. We bought more. (Actually, we bought more memory for the server this is run on. :-)
Thanks very much - we must be doing something good for the general economy, I just got billed an extra 40% for going way over the limit with uploads on my plan - must upgrade that today.
Thanks for fixing that, Chris.


I would just like to point out, to those who thought that I was being totally insane to suggest that the WikiTree server is powered by hamsters, that people are using hamsters to power things like night lights and drawing machines

So I'm not totally insane. Just mostly insane. 

Just sayin'.

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Hi guys,

Our tech folks are aware of this and are working on it. Hopefully it'll be up and running again tomorrow some time.

by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
selected by Ellen Smith
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HEY, I've got time, though I admit to be anxiously awaiting to view the connection I just made between Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz and Nathaniel Webster who saw service in the American Revolution. Seriously. (Raises arms in a victory salute; arms are beginning to droop after being held aloft for the prior 24 hours,,, but I am still hopeful that the connection will show up. )
by Dorothy Coakley G2G6 Pilot (175k points)
edited by Dorothy Coakley
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I've got three that I'm waiting on. They were all added as new profiles to connected families:

by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (347k points)
The Perrins are my worry - did some editing and was worried about upsetting the original profiler; who emailed me with information & I promised he'd see how closely he was related to Queen Elizabeth in the morning - oops!!

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