Which parent to select?

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I have been adding children to a profile today where the mother is shown twice (merge pending but no idea how long). I have elected to add the children to the earliest version of the mother as this should be the resulting profile.

I am guessing, but have not tried it out to confirm it, that the first of the two mothers presented above the Add button is the first one.

It would be so much easier if one could hove over the two names and see the sort of data one sees when hovering over a parent in the side area.

Just a suggestion.
WikiTree profile: Sarah Loring
in WikiTree Tech by David Loring G2G6 Pilot (131k points)
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If you run the error report on you can see it looks like the same persom Sarah has been added twice and need to be merged to one person if we have sources confirming this...

Generation 1: 1 profiles, 1 errors.

Error Link FullName Rel. Birth Death Gender   Marriage False error Hide 30 days
409 Marriage to duplicate person Help Loring-631 Almon Ignatius Loring Spouse 1797-10-10 1875-01-29 Male image 0000-00-00 False Error Temp hide
Savage-2161 Sarah j Loring (Savage) Spouse 1801-05-10 1875-05-20 Female image

Generation 2: 3 profiles, 6 errors.

Error Link FullName Rel. Birth Death Gender   Marriage False error Hide 30 days
205 Father is too young or not born Help Loring-627 Levi Loring Father 1768-05-16 plympton ma 1846-01-15 great barrington ma Male image   False Error Temp hide
305 Mother too young or not born Help Standish-811 Rachel Loring (Standish) Mother 1769-04-00 halifax ma 1858-04-14 great barrington ma Female image   False Error Temp hide
by Living Sälgö G2G6 Pilot (301k points)
Yes Magnus, as I said in my original question "merge pending but no idea how long".

With respect it seems you have completely missed my point so I will try any spell it out again.

When I am in the screen adding a child and the child potentially has two mothers of identical name for which I have to select an option button for one or other (or neither), there is absolutely no visual indication as to which one is the mother i need to select, in other words in this case the earlier of the two identical profiles.

What is required is that when you hover you get the profile ID of the person in a similar manner to when you hover over a parent's name in the edit screen on the right hand side.

Because I don't know which is which i have resorted to not selecting either and then going back in and adding the correct mother by profile ID. This is a waste of time when it would be simple to add an identifier on the hover.

Sorry if I did not make this clear enough.

I got your point and WikITree should add the WikiTree ID to solve it

..... the workaround is to start with the "correct" mother and add a child...

my guess with more people adding profiles to WikiTree we will see more same name marriages until a profile has been merged or disconnected....

I have never heard about a same name marriage "outside" WikiTree....

If the profiles will be merged I assume that it's not a problem which Sarah you select

Yup just waiting for that merge. I have several more sproggs to add so I might try working from the right mother and see if that resolves the problem on a temporary basis.

Edited to add: Yes that works OK, but having a hover would be preferred for me anyway. It is such a simple thing to implement it cannot really be an issue to do it.

Re David Agree I added tag ​improvements to this topic maybe that help....and we get a change in the future

The big challenge I see in the future is to get people to approve merges etc.... the below equation feels not a perfect match 

  1. WikiTree has one family tree with no duplicates allowed
  2. Ancestry has a concept with users copy profiles without sources to there "own" family tree
  3. WikiTree receives uploaded GEDCOMS with nearly no sources from e.g. Ancestry ==> WikiTree will in the long run get a lot of duplicates, merge requests..... 


I am certainly beginning to see why people want merge capability on Open profiles without the involvement of the PM - who as often as not uploaded the GEDCOM and then sailed off to the Bahamas for a well earned three year rest or longer.

Each day on WikiTree brings new frustration with absent PMs and also that people have uploaded GEDCOMS which contain many duplications, let alone causing duplications with other people's uploads.

It is an onerous task but maybe ALL imports should be actioned only by a WikiTreer authorised to approve them. Any duplicated profiles that are obvious could be merged at import time.

Yes David something needs to be done in the future or maybe take away the GEDCOM import function....

I am a citizen in the less populated WikiTree land of Sweden. We have just some unsourced uploaded family trees but those makes us cry so I guess in a land with a lot of Ancestry users uploading unsourced family trees it will be a nightmare soon.....

I also feel we have a mismatch between the WikiTree honour code that tells us 

  1. We cite sources. Without sources we can't objectively resolve conflicting information.
and that we can upload GEDCOM files were not all created profiles are sourced... the requirement on uploaded gedcom are
  1. GEDCOMs with more than 100 people cannot be imported without sources.
And my understanding is that just a few sources are ok not that all 100 profiles created should have good sources.....
WikiTree is getting big and it's a magic crazy idea of a World Wide Family tree maybe start running into bigger problems... 

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