Can a data base error report be run for pre-1500 team members to work on errors [closed]

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It would be great if this could occur,  Perhaps someone pre-1500 certified is already working on the data base project.
closed with the note: I think most people working Pre-1500 are aware of our page and report
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I do not understand from the answers below HOW to run an error report for a particular error or JUST for pre-1500 profiles.  Is this report available to anyone?
The current suggestions report is posted online about every Tuesday by Ales from the Data Doctors Project. If you follow the Data Doctors postings in the G2G forum then you will get a message every week with links to where the current report is found. You can see it by going to ...

and clicking on the LATEST REPORT date. Then scroll down to the chart where the horizontal headings are years. For the pre-1500 years look at the left side columns. In just a quick estimation, it looks like there are over 100,000 suggestions. A lot of the errors can't get fixed by data doctors because they don't have the pre1500 badge.
I am not being intentionally obtuse, but how does one get to the profiles that require fixing from that statistical report?  If there are 100,000 suggestions and I want to identify the pre-1500 profiles, can I drill down from that report?

you can also access them through the spreadsheet I update whenever a new report comes out.

Basically they are separated top to bottom by type of error and left to right by century covered. So, you can easily click the "cell" where the 2 cross and do that error in that time frame.

Here is a walk-thru with screenshots 

Thank you, Steven.  Your "tinyurl" spreadsheet works for me.  And, I think that it answers the original question, "Can a data base error report be run for pre-1500 team members to work on errors?"  If yours had been posted as an "answer"  I would have voted for it to be the Best Answer.  But, thank you for your report and the link to the guide.  jan

If you look at it, you will see that the suggestions are all listed by error # and description and when you click on one of those then it will show you all the profiles listed individually that need that correction. Just click through the links.

- once you get to the report, go to the left hand side for pre-1500

- from the the vertical list, choose one of the suggestion numbers to click on

- immediately to the right, it shows you the quantity of those errors, click on that

- then you will be shown some profiles that need correcting

- click on one of the names on the left hand side of the page and adjust the correction described
You can also look at which is a straight pre 1500 list
Thank you.  I bookmarked this one.

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It is run on all prrofiles, also pre 1500.

In prepared lists they are also separated from other errors.

We only need someone per1500 to check them. At least obvious typos in dates.
by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (674k points)
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Yes, I can confirm the capability is already there. A few weeks ago I spent a bit of time working on pre-1500 errors in the main errors database reports -- mostly easy ones like Y as place of death, but also some date errors.
It is apreciated Ellen,Thanks vary much.
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Hi Jim, Check out the main dd_errors page, you will then be able to see where the pre 1500 errors are and who is focusing on specific area's that week.
by Paula Dea G2G6 Mach 7 (75.8k points)
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by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (755k points)

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