Phebe , Phobe , Crews the woman is making me nuts , please help if you can.

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Phebe or Phobe Crews. I think she probably did exsist. But... she is all over the place in Hunnicutt trees.  She is attached to several of the Augustine Hunnicutts of different generations and a couple times to John Hunnicutts in various on line trees.  I have found many undocumented trees that she is attached to.  A few undocumented parents. No concrete proof of who she was.  She is temporarily attached to the Augustine that makes sense. But I am very unsatisfied with her profile.  If anyone has sources , I'd love to hear from you.  Or an idea of what I should do with her would be helpful.  Please contact me before doing an edit on her.    Crews-440 .   Thank You very much .
WikiTree profile: Phebe Crews
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The database error report indicates some chaos in the family tree...

Generation 0: 1 profiles, 2 errors.

Error Link FullName Rel. Birth Death Gender   Marriage False error Hide 30 days
409 Marriage to duplicate person Help Crews-440 Phebe Crews Spouse 0000-00-00 0000-00-00 Female image 0000-00-00 False Error Temp hide
Hunnicutt-89 Augustine Hunnicutt Spouse guess 1662-00-00 Surry Co, Virginia Colony 1710-05-02 Surry Co, Virginia Colony Male image


310 Mother was dead before birth Help Hunnicutt-143 Katherine Peacock (Hunnicutt) Mother 1668-00-00 Surry, Surry, Virginia, Colony 1682-00-00 Surry, Surry, Virginia, Colony Female image     Temp hide
Kindred-71 Samuel Kindred Child 1700-00-00 Surry, Surry, Virginia, United States 1729-05-17 Isle, Virginia, United States Male image


Thank you Magnus.  I am very much aware of all of these errors. Long before the Data Base Errors became a reality .  Pheobe has no dates because there is no valid source.  No marriage conformation  , again no valid source. Several trees list various parents again no valid source . At this point in time she is as she is. I have spent many hours searching  , no luck. She is not listed as married to a duplicate person. There are several Augustine Hunnicutts. 8 that I know of. None on wikitree are duplicates.  Two Augustine Honeycutts are also not duplicates. I have to source them. I just adopted them , also two Fredrick Honeycutts are not duplicates. I'm just have trouble sourcing them .  Katherine Hunnicutt Kindred ( something's Peacock needs work I'm working on the line. There are only 127 profiles on my watch list.  I would prefer that people not jump in and edit them . It will take me awhile but I am on top of it. Lot of myth involved with this family and alot of sorting involved. Thanks for you help Magnus. I do appreciate it.

Add a Research note section maybe?!!?! Create a Free space page to track research....So other people can understand what you have done or plan to do?!?! Asking in G2G I think is excellent...

== Research Notes ==

More problems found on this and related profiles. See

* {{db_errors}}

=== Next step ===

* xxxx

=== What has been done ===

* Research family search...
* Asked in [ G2G]

Thanks Magnus.  This is an excellent idea. I have 2 ancestors , both male , I track duplicates , errors , and how they all connect. I've been sitting here trying to figure out priorities.  For example. One man , I added his children in the bio until I searched for profiles already on wikitree.  I found 1 of his daughters with two profiles under two different marriages. So I purposed the merge. One manager approved the other did not. So I completed the merge. I do not manage the profile.  So then comes the questions for me. One source I cannot access the other source is incorrect but the source I have to attach her to her father has a long line of people with dates that work together.  So the merge has to be done but then The manager does seem to be interested in the work , I'm willing to do the work but the merge has added more family to the tree. The result is the above mentioned errors. So I am torn as to whether doing the merge first was best or attaching both her profiles to the parents and documenting that the merge was on hold. The order of the work  The whole lines down from the Two men I'm working on need alot of work all around. I don't know how I would put together a free space page saying that these are the myths in these lines. That there are such and such conflicting sources or problematic people who don't exist.  I have literally plastered some profiles with questions that don't get answered by managers. But I hesitate to edit to match my sources on profiles managed by other. Not complaining , but I don't know how I could work down a line with this stuff. I can find duplicates well. Find sources , other than trees , most of the time. But I can't  format or add links or any of the cool stuff.   I'd like to put it all down somewhere , where if someone wanted to they could add it to profiles.  But it would be alot of info and I don't know if a free space page is designed for that.    I will use your idea for a research notes space. Thank you for putting the example there.

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I think WikiTree have a lot to learn how to best work together on complex genealogy problems.... it would be great if we document things so we easy can share question marks, what is done and what has been done without success...

One good way I have seen in other Wikis is adding comments and add
==> you get a timestamp and your name.... 

I have started to use FreeSpace pages and include them in profiles

See page Space:Bärbo_-_AI:2_1755 its a Free space page about just one page in the Church book that I try to understand 

This Free space Page is included using 

In a Free space page Space:Lindmark_Bärbo_socken about the House Djurnäs in Bärbo where I try to track the time the family lived in this place.... ==> I will include all the Church books I find and have them transcribed and also have maps....

On profiles related to Durnäs, Bärbo I include  Space:Lindmark_Bärbo_socken using 

And to make it even more complex I have in the Free Space Page some section just displayed on included pages and some sections just shown when looking at the specific free space page about the Church book.... 

What I use on the free space page

means that this text is just displayed on included pages

means that this text is not displayed on included pages but just when you look at the page

  1. Profile: Nilsson-3671
    1. Includes: Space:Lindmark_Bärbo_socken
      1. Includes: 
        1. Space:Bärbo_-_AI:2_1755
        2. Space:Lindmark_Bärbo_socken_-_Bärbo_AI_2_-_1762
        3. Space:Lindmark_Bärbo_socken_-_Bärbo_AI_2_-_1771

Pheobe Crews

 in the U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900

Record Image No Image
Text-only collection

    Name: Pheobe Crews
    Gender: Female
    Spouse Name: Augustine Hunnicutt
    Birth Place:
    Spouse Birth Year: 1677
    Marriage State: of VA

    for this Crews entry, could you add what original source is listed by U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 (since it includes information from family group sheets, you need to look at what source it cites).

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