Would you like to help make connections to our Global Family Tree? Join the Connectors Project! [closed]

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The Connectors Project focuses on connecting loose branches and twigs to our Global Family Tree. Many of us are able to connect right up to this tree when we join, as we have cousins who are already here. Others, it takes some time and effort, and that's where Connectors come in. Connectors work on those unconnected families and profiles and research to source and connect them so we're all one tree, rather than many separate ones. If you like making connections and helping others with their family research, the Connectors project is the place for you. Just Answer this question below and we'll get you a badge and a welcome!


in Requests for Project Volunteers by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (574k points)
closed by Abby Glann
Welcome, Susan!
I love doing this.  Finding connections gives me a thrill! I would love to be a part of your community!
Welcome, Alisa!
I've been working on connecting the orphaned profiles that I adopted to the tree.  Sign me up please!

One twig at a time!
Welcome, Anne!
Please add me to your connectors. I'm actively working daily on my ancestry.  Thanks
Great, Dianne! Welcome.
I'd love to connect my family tree to the global one!
Welcome, Kieran!

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Huh. I've always been under the impression that we had more Americans than any other nationality on WikiTree, but for some odd reason, only one person has signed up on the Connectors Chat page to connect unconnected American branches! Come on, Americans! We cannot afford a connection gap!

(And bonus points to anyone who gets that reference...)

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (530k points)
selected by Living Barnett

Hey Greg - I'm a Connection Warrior!  I connected the Coppini-4 line, branch size = 1,393, through Bernard Joseph Flynn .  The connection is through his mother, but her profile is not open.  I sent a request to the profile manager to connect her to her son.

Awesome! I have marked that branch as connected on the Connectors Chat page. Thank you.
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I like to help others, so this would be a good project for me to participate in. Sign me up please :)
by J Murray G2G6 Mach 3 (35.4k points)
Hi J! Welcome to the Connectors Project. I will set you up with a badge and some information on your profile page momentarily. We're happy to have you join us.
i need help..i dont know how this website works..
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Been doing so for a while, with a host of surnames due to the link with my family
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (223k points)
i started connecting Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, who lived near me but to whom I am not related. Although his is a fascinating family with many "famous" folk, it has yet to be officially connected to our larger tree…though I remain hopeful and trudge doggedly onward.
Connected! This morning!
Great, Richard! Would you like to officially join the project? I am happy to hook you up with a badge :-)
Wonderful connecting, Dorothy. Thank you! Are you a Connectors member yet? Are you interested in being one?
Thank you, Abby! i do have a Connectors badge, which I display proudly although I've never entered into Connection Combat, probably because I putz along at my own California pace. Glad to be part of the team, though.
Hi Abby

Thank would be wonderful, thank you
Working on it now, Richard. Welcome!
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Join me up!
After seeing this yesterday, I looked at my unconnected profiles an managed to clean up some that I could not previously source, by merging after a careful appraisal. I came to the conclusion I had a duplicate of somebody else with the wrong father and as neither of the unconnected/unsourced men had any other family attached, I therefore detached the wrong father and merged the duplicate "sons". The "father", after careful consideration, was actually a duplicate uncle with an estimated birth date 3 years out, so I merged them. The next one I tackled, I managed to add more family to after finding some parish records and census entries. As I was adding them, I managed to connect an existing person to the family, connecting them to the "one tree".
I used to check this list on a weekly basis but had slacked a bit lately, so I think I ought to go back to weekly checking. I'll try to do some off the full list while I'm at it.
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
Great, Gillian. Welcome! I'll get you set up momentarily.
+15 votes
Hi, I am interested in joining the connector project because I want to try to connect my family to the other branches, help others and not least improve my skills.
by Carlo Biondolillo G2G1 (1.4k points)
Welcome, Carlo!
+16 votes
I finally found a connection from my tree to the global! That's when I read about this connectors badge. It sounds like a great project and I'd like to join.
by Peter Whalen G2G6 Mach 2 (24.8k points)
Welcome, Peter!
+15 votes
Yes, I'd like to work on the Connectors Project.
by Alison Broadway G2G2 (3.0k points)
Welcome, Alison!
+15 votes
I'm interested! I enjoy trying to connect people (though I am not always successful!) and would like to do it as part of a team.
by Paul Hancock G2G6 (8.9k points)
Great Paul! Welcome to the Connectors Project. Getting you set up right now.
+14 votes
I've been doing this the past month without realizing it was a project. Sign me up!
by Debi Matlack G2G6 Mach 8 (83.6k points)
Done! We're glad to have you join us, Debi.
+14 votes
I will like to help with my knowledge of my ancestors in Puerto Rico. Muchas gracias por su proyecto.
Welcome, Amador. Your help will be fantastic.
Hi Amador, are you a WikiTree member yet? You need to be a member to be part of the Connectors Project, but in the meantime, you can certainly help members with Puerto Rican roots by answering questions here in G2G, too. Let me know and I'll gladly get you set up. I just can't get to your profile as it isn't linked here. You may not have been signed in when you commented.
+14 votes
I would love to join the Connectors Project, if you will have me ;).
by Stephanie Ross G2G4 (4.3k points)
Welcome, Scott!
+13 votes
I would like to help connect unconnected families
by Michael Sackett G2G6 Mach 1 (16.7k points)
Welcome, Michael!
+12 votes
That's exactly the sort of challenge I like! May I join, please?
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (488k points)
Absolutely, Isabelle. Welcome!
+11 votes
Hello, I have been on WikiTree for only a short time, and I really enjoy why it is here.  Since I have been on WikiTree I have added my Kester line and some main branches, in doing so I have been finding many profiles that really needed cleaning up, which I have been doing.  I have been connecting profiles that were unlinked to their connecting profiles.  I have been finding Orphaned Kester and main branch profiles, and Adopting them.  I have been finding many duplicates, and have been merging and editing.  It was just today that I Adopted one, and read Abby's entry, and followed the "Connectors" link ... and here I am.  I love this project, it is just what I have been doing, and enjoy doing, sign me on up ... please.
by Virgil Kester G2G6 Mach 1 (15.3k points)
I never welcomed you here, Virgil! You've been part of the project a couple weeks now, but welcome-we're happy you joined us officially :-)
+13 votes
Working to connect the many branches of our tree to the main one. I enjoy helping to connect others to their family.

Jon P Czarowitz

by Jon Czarowitz G2G6 Mach 4 (40.9k points)
Thanks, Jon! Welcome!
+8 votes
Yes! I would love to be signed up for this, as connecting stray profiles seems like something I've already been doing. ^^


by Morgan Schornik G2G Crew (440 points)
Welcome, Morgan!
+7 votes
Hello, I'd like to join the Connectors project! (Still trying to connect my tree)
by Summer Thompson G2G1 (1.3k points)
Welcome, Summer!
+7 votes
I would love to become an official Connector. I have been working on this as part of the Notables and GFR during Connection Combat, which I may have won once or twice ;-)

by Ron Norman G2G6 Mach 4 (41.9k points)
Welcome, Ron!
+8 votes
This a great aim - please sign me up !


Jon Wright
by Jon Wright G2G1 (1.4k points)
Welcome, Jon!
+8 votes
I would like to join the connectors project, please and thank you.
by Jeanie Roberts G2G6 Pilot (129k points)
Welcome, Jeanie!

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