How do you add a subcategory to a list of existing subcategories?

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Under Category is listed - Professions

Under Professions is - Law Enforcement

Under Law Enforcement are: (subcategories)

d: Deputy Sheriffs

p: Police Officers

s: Sheriffs

t: Texas Rangers

u: United States Law Enforcement

I would like to add under s: State Troopers.
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Create [[Category: State Troopers]]

On the new Category add [[Category: Sheriffs]]

See edit 
Category:Sheriffs, England&action=edit

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Actually, in the US, the new category would be State Troopers, but the category State Troopers should itself have [[Category: United States Law Enforcement]] on it.  it should be directly under United States Law Enforcement. since in the US, (1) the sheriffs have gradually had their powers reduced, and where there is a separate police department, the police no longer report to the sheriff and (2) the sheriff is usually a county-level office, while the state trooper operates at the state level.  

Most of the other categories really ought to be subcategories under United States Law Enforcement.  Texas Ranger is the name given to state police in Texas;  various states each have their own designation for their state police.  Maryland, where I live, uses State Trooper.

But for your purpose, I think if you put State Trooper under United States Law Enforcement, you are on solid ground.
I can't find the correct page to add State Troopers. Maybe this isn't something a user can do or I'm just not on the correct page to make the addition. From the top right of WikiTree is "Find" Click and there is "Categories". Click and scroll down to "P". Under "P" is "Professions". Click "Professions" and scroll down to "L". Under "L" is "Law Enforcement". There you find the subcategories. This is where "State Troopers" would appear once added. Just can't find page to make the addition.
Bob, I've looked at the categories and it does look to me like there needs to be a bit of revision.  For instance, right now under the category "Texas Rangers", you have "Texas Rangers, Kentucky", and several other states.  It seems to me you only have Texas Rangers in Texas.  Am I wrong?  Does Kentucky have a group of police called Texas Rangers?  

The reason this is important is that there's already a precedent that state police category is broken down by state.  So the critical thing for you at the moment would be, what state is your person a State Trooper of?  If it's Maryland, I  would suggest placing on his profile, [[Category:  Maryland State Trooper]].  If another state, substitute the name, of course.

This will be a new category, so once you save your profile, the category will show up red.  Click on it and then on that page enter [[Category: Law Enforcement]].  And  the new category "Maryland State Trooper" will show up under Law Enforcement just as the Texas Rangers do.  

I think another state uses "State Patrol", Virginia or North Carolina.  They're all different, but a number use "State Trooper", so as long as Texas has its own group, your own state should have it's own as well.

Just my humble opinion as one member of the categorization project.  Anybody else from the project want to weigh in?
Jack, That was the piece of information I was missing. I did not realize how the subcatagories were created, now I do.

As far as Kentucky, no they do not have a law enforcement group called Texas Rangers but Arizona did. I don't believe Arizona has a current Ranger force. Texas also has State Police along with the Rangers.

I've moved all the Texas Ranger subcategories to misnamed categories. Now there is just [[Category:Texas Rangers]] under [[Category:United States Law Enforcement]].

However, looking at some of the profiles, I think that maybe they weren't in the law enforcement agency but in the 8th Texas Cavalry known as Terry's Texas Rangers, a regiment of Texas volunteers for the Confederate States Army.

Yes, what makes this one interesting is that I think there's some continuity between the militia outfit dating back to the Civil War era up through today where it is a law enforcement entity with specific responsibilities (although it is NOT, as I had first imagined, the state police force that patrols the highways.

This is certainly a place where a few sentences or paragraphs on the category page about who and what the Texas Rangers are help people from going astray!
Jack, Great catch!!! You are correct about Terry's Rangers, they were not part of the law enforcement Texas Rangers.

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