Can someone tell what a correction officer (now Data Doctor) does?

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Curious to know what a correction officer is and what their duties include?  

Thank you for your time in advance
in Policy and Style by Julia Ryan G2G3 (3.6k points)
edited by Dorothy Barry

A new tool has been developed that checks all WIkiTree profiles if they could have errors or an indication that something is wrong or help us do better estimates on birth dates/ death dates...

  • This link shows potential errors found related to your Balzarano-1 and some generations away
  • This link will look into your watchlist and see if something looks odd (login needed)

On every profile you also have a menu option Error Report that you can use to see if the current profile has some obvious potential errors....

If something is reported as an potential error and you dont agree you can mark it as a false error ==> it will not appear again....

And you can always ask in G2G if you have questions...

Other interesting tools:

WOW Thank you Maggie this is a great tool.   I work a full time job and sometimes do not notice the added benefits and tools WikiTree adds.  

I will work on my error report.

Thank You


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They are active member of the Database Errors Project

What the corrections officer does:

  • First check and correct errors on your own tree.
  • Second check and correct errors on your watch list.
  • Then you can correct errors by type. Check out the Latest errors list to find error type you can correct, read help on that error to familiarize with specifics and start correcting. If you are working on complete list of an error in specific era, add a comment on Latest errors page so that others know a specific error is already being checked.
  • Or you can correct errors by location (your town, region, country, ...).
by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
selected by Dorothy Barry
So a correction officer should assist in correcting errors, helping profile members with documenting correct information with kindness, mentoring and understanding?  

Or do they tell you what is wrong in no assistance what so ever.  Then tell you that they have 20 years experience and WikiTree should get rid of profile managers that make mistakes.  When I answered this person and copied the first 3 sentences of the honor code he deleted his comment and mine.  

I have enjoyed working on WikiTree a little over a year and everyone I have worked with especially all the mentors.  But this certain person is making it so I do not want to be a part of WikiTree
Julia, It's hard to ignore, the bad apples. They leave a bad taste, and can spoil the whole bunch. The best thing to do is separate yourself from the offender and then forget about him/her. Don't let it totally spoil what has otherwise been a nice bunch of fruit. I think Dennis' answer may be very to the point.
I'm so sorry, Julia.  It's definitely supposed to be the first part of your comment, NOT the second.  If this is the only time it's happened with this person, I would try to assume he had a bad day and just ignore it.   (I know that's easier to write than it is to do, by the way.)
I tried ignoring him, but now he going in and editing my work, without adding any value.

One one of my profiles, never made a suggestion, or added any value :

NOTE: I was notified by email that this answer was chosen as best answer:Congratulations! Your answer on WikiTree G2G has been selected as the best by Vickery-352: They are active member of the Database Errors Project What the corrections officer does: etc. I also recieved 300 pts. Then the points were removed and question no longer marked.(twice now). I am remarking it best answer, thinking the points were removed by mistake. Thank you.

I am sorry that the question was asked because of a bad situation and hope that it can be resolved through the member going through the problem solving resolution process as suggested above. I hope that Julia will continue to participate and enjoy her experience with WikiTree with the support of those who commented positively. By the way the profiles Julia has added to her tree are very well put together and valuable to any genealogist or family member researching.  Thank you for all your contributions Julia!!
I did mark Dorothy's answer as the best w/ a star. it was indeed the best answer to the question. I did not remove the star.
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What place and era are you interested in? Today it would be a guard in a prison/jail, maybe extended to include probation officer, etc.
by Living Hampson G2G6 Pilot (105k points)
I kinda think they meant in relation to genealogy, and wikitree, but in your community or state or country it definitely would be what you said. (PS: I was a one in my county in SC,  and one here on WikiTree!!)
This was not a very clever idea IMHO. It's just an open invitation for people to do the sorts of things that Julia is suffering through.
I do not understand your remark Chris. Clever idea?? Please take it to private email.
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we use the new database error tool to find and correct common errors -- and sometimes we get a little too excited about our jobs and probably step on toes where we shouldn't
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (540k points)
I understand getting excited, I always do when I discover a great document or source.  I am excited that you have a error team.  I was wondering how someone realized I forgot to enter gender on about 20 profiles, now I know. But, rude and abrasive is not acceptable anytime.  How would a novice profile manager learn anything if you have a correction officer insulting you and your work.
rude, abrasive and insulting is wrong and should not happen, regardless of intentions. But...

I believe they have good intentions. And I suspect for some, English may be a second language, so they may not even realize they are coming off that way.
I think the title "Corrections Officer" is all wrong, it conjures up an image of inflexibility and forcefulness which in the wrong hands is a recipe for disaster. Since the job is supposed to be assisting, why not rename it "Errors Assistant" or something else less overlord-sounding?
I agree that "Errors Assistant" has a gentler, more friendly ring to it )-:
Gillian, I was thinking the same thing yesterday.  Sounds like a prison guard.  I would prefer Errors Assistant also.

Please don't leave us, Julia.  Everyone adds value to Wikitree whether brand new to genealogy or a professional genealogist.  If you run into problems that cannot be amicably resolved, just use the link Anne B mentioned above.

Good luck on your genealogical path.
Why not compromise ? 'Errors Assistant'.
Maybe "Troubleshooter"...

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