I need major help finding Fitzgerald/Pate relatives of mine

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Hi. My aunty gave me a whole heap of paper work on our side of the family of the Fitzgeralds/Pates in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia etc & she said that she had put in with the paper work Michael Pate (Born Edward John Pate) born in Drummoyne Sydney on February 20th - Died September 2008). I have gone through the paper work twice over but havent found no information on Michael Pate, so i was wondering if someone could please help me find me long lost relative that i have been searching for ages & also got given paper work on Ellen McCarthy & done a whole heap of research on her aswell & have found only little information & i need to know if im related to Ellen Supple (Born McCarthy) who Married William Supple. William Supple on Vessel: "Atlas". Convicted: 5 Jul 1832. Voyage Date: 27 Apr 1833. Colony: Van Diemans Land. Place of Conviction: Middlesex, England. Ellen McCarthy: Vessel "Majestic". Convicted : 2 Apr 1838 Voyage Date: 1 Oct 1838. Colony: Van Diemans Land. Place of Conviction: Old Bailey, London, England. Many Thanks in return.

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Mornin & what a wicked morning it is here. Nice & sunny. Guess what? Someone has created a profile of Michael Pate (Edward John Pate) on "Geni" ( https://www.geni.com/people/Michael-Edward-John-Pate/6000000043456327615?from_flash=1&fsession_id=1467241558796&through=6000000043456859922 ). All i need to do know is fill in the gap of the missing people, so i think i definitely need to make a phone call to me Grandma (Maureen Smith (born Pate). I would like to give a really big thank you to ""Susan Scarcella"", ""Rosemary Jones"" & ""Maureen Rosenfeld"" for all ya help.


Steven Fisher

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Do you have no idea who Michael pate is? He was one of our first Aussie superstar actors. I remember seeing his first film "Sons of Matthew" (1949) on TV as a child. It was very racy for its time, but it got him into Hollywood. He was very good looking and his son, actor Christopher Pate, inherited many of his features. Here are some sites:





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Susan Scarcella. Thanks for postin those links but have already sussed out those links aswell & didnt help (Am about to rip me hair out lol).I have even done "Geni" searches with the names i have mentioned in other comments above & that was a no go. I sure do know who he is. He is like Humphrey Bogart (The Australian Version). I havent heard of that movie before, but what i do know is that he played indians in a few western movies, was in war movies, & this might be a flashback for ya, he was even in the aussie tv Series Matlock Police. Im just findin it really really hard to find out where he situates in me family tree on here & also on the Family Tree website "Geni" cause thats where all of my Pates/ Fitzgeralds are situated on. Like father, like son.
He was so well known in the 60s when I was growing up. If he is on your tree, you are sooo lucky. Here's to you finding him!!!!!

His wife was the daughter of an American director. His parents are listed on the NSW BDM as 

875 1914 Pate   William M     McKee Margaret E     Drummoyne

That is WILLIAM  not Walter. 


these look like William's parents:




Susan Scarcella: My mum & grandma & other relatives said the same as you did "He was very well known back in the 60's". Lol sooooo lucky. Cheers. I hope i do find out more details so i can input him into me family tree. I have found him on MyHeritage but still puzzled on which relatives has to be inputted between me & him, once i found out the relatives that need to input im laughin & i can stop pullin me hair out for that one lol cause its been a complete nightmare so far tryin to find out where he sits in me family Tree. Are ya sure its William & not walter?
Susan Scarcella: i found him & here is where i found Michael Pate (Edward John pate) on MyHeritage (https://www.myheritage.com/research/collection-10182/biographical-summaries-of-notable-people?itemId=9144&action=showRecord). ***Scratches Head***  I "Think" i might be gettin one step closer than what i was this morning if i found him on "MyHeritage", but i still cannot find him on "Geni" at all cause i dont think anyone has made a profile for him.
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Steven, Are you on FaceBook? There are a number of Australian Genealogy groups there that will be more than happy to help you and show you where to look and to do searches on the commercial databases for you.

My convicts all went to VDL as well in the 1832-33 time frame.

Is Michael Pate in the Ryerson Index? http://ryersonindex.org/ This is an index of deaths and obits in Australia with most of the Sydney Morning Herald indexed.
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Hi. Rosemary Jones. Yes i go on FB but not very often though (Fb bores me to death sometimes). I have asked Geneologists on FB but no one had answered me & i have even asked on the Geni FB page aswell & the people/ person who run that page told me to ask a Geneologist on Geni or Wikitree. I had also asked curators etc on Geni & there has been no reply what so ever. "Sigh" It feels like im on a merry-go-round & cant get off & about to give up on those three people i mentioned. I have just checked out the Ryerson Index & done a google search with the information provided on The Ryersdon Index & noticed i have already looked at that SMH paper (obituary) of Michael Pate (http://www.smh.com.au/news/obituaries/high-noons-of-a-young-bohemian/2008/09/02/1220121228311.html) & i had even done a search of the parents of Michael Pate & even that is a no go.

Steven (Smith) Smith-Fisher

Rosemary Jones. I can ask geneologosts on fb, genie & wikitree again, but if no one replies well the people i mentioned above will have just to miss out on being in me family tree on here & geni aswell & me family tree will be incomplete without them on it.
Join some of these groups on FB:

Genealogy: My Ancestors Came to Australia

Australian Genealogy

British Australian & New Zealand Ancestry

Australian Family History & Genealogy

Start with the My Ancestors Came to Australia Group. They are very good at researching convicts. Can you start with the premise that you are descended from that convict family and follow their descendants? If you are descended from them you should be able to link your family with theirs. However it is difficult getting 20th century births, deaths & marriages because of the privacy rules.
Hi Rosemary Jones. Thankyou for mentioning those fb pages (Much appreciated). I had just posted a comment on the fb pages & will wait patiently for a reply. I hope someone replies & end up linkin me family with theirs. I had no idea on how difficult it was goin to be on findin relatives of mine mentioned above. I thought it was gonna be easy street, but obviously not lol due to privacy levels. Fingers crossed in the end i can add em to me tree.
You're welcome.
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A google search brought me this article (obituary)


Can that help you get started?
by Maureen Rosenfeld G2G6 Pilot (208k points)
G'day Maureen. Thankyou for postin that link but unfortunately i have already seen that link & didnt help me what so ever :-(. I tried googlin Felippa Pate (Born Rock - 1923), Christopher Pate ( b.15/11/1952), Joe Rock (25/12/1893 - 5/12/1983) father of 2 children (Felippa Rock & Phillip Rock - 1926), Michael Pate (Born Edward John Pate) b.1920-2008 which Michael Pates parents are: Walter Pate & Margaret pate (Born Mckee) plus their birth dates, marriage dates etc & still havent found any info for me to input into me family tree. Someone out there has to have some sort of info that can give me a fair idea on where they all sit in me family tree, unless The Michael Pate, Felippa Rock, Joe Rock, Phillip Rock, Christoper Pate, Walter & Margaret Pate had made their life really, really private & make it hard for other family member to gather info.
IDMB says Felippa was born in California.  Through familysearch, I found that Felippa's mother was Louisa Granville.  She was born in Australia in 1896. Louisa's mother was born in England.  Her name was Nina.
Thanks for that info Maureen. It sort of helped but sort of not because i am still stuck between a rock & a hard place, but feel im gettin one step closer to findin out on where they situate on me family tree. I found the followin info ( http://us-census.mooseroots.com/l/297025863/Nina-Granville ) when i googles Nina Granville (England). if worse comes to worse i might either have to get me aunty back around here (person who gave me all the family paper work to input into me family tree) or get in contact with me grandma in Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia.

Do you know of this website? 


It is where you can find a ton of information.

"United States Census, 1930", database with images, FamilySearch(https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XCFX-53V : 8 December 2015), Nina Granville in entry for Joe Rock, 1930.

"California Birth Index, 1905-1995," database, FamilySearch(https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:V255-1LV : 13 December 2014), Felippa G Rock, 16 Dec 1924; citing Los Angeles, California, United States, Department of Health Services, Vital Statistics Department, Sacramento.



I have heard of Familysearch.org & did a search a few hours ago but didnt get the ressults i was lookin for. I have sussed out those links ya posted & there is more info than i expected, but still on a merry-go-round & cant get off.

Genealogy is always a merry go round.  When you find one ancestor, you realize he or she had siblings and parents.


Anyway Felippa's mother's name may actually be Mary Louisa Granville

"California, County Marriages, 1850-1952," database with images, FamilySearch(https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:K8DY-QV9 : 28 November 2014), Michael Edward John Pate and Felippa Granville Rock, 19 Nov 1951; citing Los Angeles, California, United States, county courthouses, California; FHL microfilm 1,283,749


Maureen Rosenfeld. Thanks for postin that link. Every bit of info helps. I know, i just wanna get of the merry-go-round lol. Is this torture of findin me relative ever gonna end. I have definitely noticed that when i find one relative some of them have kids of their own which means more data input to make me Family tree bigger. I have sussed out the link ya have provided & it helps with the date of Michael Pate (Born Edward John Pate), parents name, wifes name, kids name etc but i still need to find out the relatives that need to be inputted between him & me on me family tree because there is a blank that needs to be filled before i can input him into me tree.

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