What is the longest line of photographs you have?

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I have my mother's maternal line in photo back to 1819.

1. Me: Susan Cox m Scarcella

2. Barbara Trenerry m Cox (1931-2000)

3. Rita Alterator m Trenerry (1906-2000) I also have my grandfather and his mother

4. Margaret Schofield m Alterator (1876-1965). I also have her husband and her father in law (as a portrait)

5. Euphemia Tole m Schofield (1854- 1903)

6. Mary Cameron m Tole (1819-1903) I also have her husband Arthur Tole (1814-1893)
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My Barton line goes back to my  3rd g-grandfather, Willis Barton, who was born in 1803 and died in 1891. I've got three lines that go back to 3rd great grandparents, all with photos along the way, but none further back than a third great-grandparent.


1. Me

2. Charles Edward Barton

3. James Andrew Barton

4. Andrew Jonathan Barton

5. Jonathan Marion Barton

6. Willis Barton
by Debby Black G2G6 Mach 8 (85.9k points)
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My farthest-back line, like yours, is 6 generations


Mother: Betty Auger 1921-2012

Her mother: Hattie Smith 1890-1974

Her mother: Anna Houghtaling 1860-1925

Her mother: Ellen Beers 1840

Her parents: Nathan Beers 1813-1890 and Harriet Hollister 1819-1891

Not having a photo of their parents, I substituted a picture of my dish soap bottle, Seventh Generation

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You could almost say: I wash my hands of this post. LOLOL
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What a great question! 

It made me think and think and think, and go back to my photo archive. I don't think I realised that I have photographs of 5 family lines, at least one photograph of each generation of direct ancestors, some single pictures, many that are multi generation pictures and lots of family groups of up to 20 or more people. 

6 generations: The oldest person on my side of the family is a 3x GGF Joseph Ross born in 1820, his pictures include a 4 generation photo of Joseph, his son, his grandson and his great grandson, my paternal grandfather. 

A 3 generation picture of 3x GGF Thomas Jones born 1829 his wife, his son and his grandchildren

A 2 generation picture of 2xGGF Charles Richards born 1839 his wife and his children, pictures of several of Charles' children great aunts and uncles with their families. 

A 2 generation picture of Great Grandfather Samuel Richards born 1866, (son of Charles Richards) his wife and their children 

A 2 generation picture of Great Grandmother Martha Jane Jones Richards, wife of Samuel Richards and her eleven children taken not long after her husband Samuel died when their youngest child was 3 weeks old. 

A picture of 2xGGF Patrick Shaughnessy born 1846 and several of his daughter Mary Ann, her husband Martin Rodgers and their children and other descendants,

A 3 generation picture of Great Grandfather James Meadon born 1870 his wife, his daughters and a grandson

A  2 generation picture of John Rodgers great grandfather born 1898 (grandson of Patrick Shaughnessy) his wife and their children 

On my husband's side I have a picture of his 3 X GGM, born 1787 (the oldest person I have a picture of, she died in 1881, at age 94) and her youngest son, plus his wife and 9 of their 11 children taken about 1866 at the family farm. 

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How wonderful! Photo sharing is my favorite part of Wikitree.
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I can do six generations on several lines in my paternal line.

On my mother's direct paternal line, I can do about five generations, but, if I include painted portraits, I can do 10 generations, to my seventh, great grandfathers Sigismund Raczynski (1592-1660).
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One of my favorite photos is of 4 generations on my father's side:

2nd Great-Grandfather: Robert Augustus Chapman

Great-Grandmother: Emma Robertell (Chapman) Morris

Grandmother: Wilsie Elizabeth (Morris) Merritt

Aunt:  My dad's sister (still living)

I can go back to my 3rd Great-Grandfather on this line: Samuel Newton Chapman (but I don't personally own the photos).
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