Watchlist Wednesday!

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Hello fellow WikiTreers,  from the Volunteer Coordinator Project

Today is "Watchlist Wednesday!" Give our db_errors project a hand: check your error report and make some corrections where needed, when you have a few minutes to spare. To do this, go to the pull-down menu at top right, select the one with your Wiki ID, and click "Error Report."  I've corrected several this morning already, on my own watchlist!  

Disclaimer: This challenge is only applicable to your own watchlist - not others.  If you are interested in the Database errors project and correcting errors across WikiTree, please visit their project page and follow the posted instructions on how to join. 

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Note that some computer security systems, and/or some firewalls, block "port 92", in which case the Error Report will not work.

If this happens to you, try a different computer, or a different location.

Also, if you just select the Error Report from a given WikTree ID, you will get errors for related (by blood or marriage) profiles which may or may not be on your Watchlist.

There is supposed to be a way to restrict it to your Watchlist, but I have not yet been able to make it work.
by Janet Gunn G2G6 Pilot (162k points)
Thanks for the note Janet!

Main navigation page for database errors project is

To see only your watchlist, click on left side Watch lists, and button Go to Apps server. This will take you to wikitree's apps server, where you have to login using Wikitree's credentials (email and password). After login your Watchlist will be retrieved from Wikitree server and forwarded to my server, where all errors on watchlist will be shown.

I hope you will be successful.

I have tried that several times, but it won't let me log in.  I enter my email and WikiTree PW, but when I click the logon button nothing happens. It doesn't even act as if it has been "clicked".

(That was on my home laptop, my work laptop blocks port 92, so no point in even trying.)
Login part isn't my work so I can't help you with that. Maybe the problem is with browser's security settings.

Don't worry. With new database dump I also get one profile manager for each profile, and you will be able to see all profiles, that you manage.
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Wow! Thanks, Summer, for sending me off to look at those. I caught a big time data error that I caused on the 18th.

Somehow I had managed to overlay all the vitals of the wife on to the husband's profile. It looked like she was married to herself. I have a pretty good idea what I did that caused the problem.

I use a Firefox add-on called Lazarus. It's designed to restore lost data from a field (think bios that don't get saved before a power failure) or from a whole form.

It's also useful to paste large (or small) chunks of data to different profiles. For instance, a bio with lots of references that are, for the most part, shared by a husband and wife. It's important to always use the field restore, though, not the form restore. I think I used the wrong one this time.

[ETA: fixed a typo]
by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (406k points)
Excellent, Debi!!!
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I suppose If I count what I did since midnight I have already been hard at work on my own watchlist. Just a case of a mother not being born when the child was born, but I am having to verify several generations to make sure I have the correct father and then find the correct mother...I haven't had to add any profiles yet, but I'm sure before I am done with this one there will be at least one new profile...and of course I will be sure to recycle ( a profile when I do add one.
by Dawn Ellis G2G6 Pilot (104k points)
I've found a couple of those myself Dawn...and a few fat-fingered mistakes!
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I did mine yesterday, after the new list came out.  Does that count?  :-)
by Nan Starjak G2G6 Pilot (386k points)
I suppose I can let it slide this time Nan..... Bahahahahaha!!!!
I am working on generation 11. Every time I think it will be a quick fix it turns out to be long and convoluted. I have found several other errors in the process of trying to fix the one that came up in the error report... and I am adding my second new profile in order to fix!!!

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