The British Columbia Project wants you! Want to join? [closed]

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The former British Columbia Project is now a team of the Canada Project. Please go to the Canada Project Sign-up page to join. Thanks!

closed with the note: New Canada Project sign up page created
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (652k points)
closed by Susie MacLeod

I've updated the Project page with a bit more...umph?!

  • We now have a project box that you may add (not required) to any profile you manage which meets the criteria of being an early or significant British Columbian.
  • Added some resources - please add resources to the project page as you work!



I've added the project box to all the colonial administrators, the Lieutenant Governors up to Garde Gardom, and Terry Fox.

I will be going to join, also, quick question, I put in to join the Canadian History Project as I have been working on some profiles from there, have many ancestors from there and my 5th great grandfather was a Native Cheif who had lands granted to him for his people in Canada. I am waiting still and have not received my badge for working on that project. How do I go about getting that?
You have a spiffy new Badge now Lisa!! Mags
Thank you so much Mags, You are awesome!
Hey Joe,

I gave you the Candian History Project Badge. Go over to the project page and read through the information on how to participate.

Thank you!
lived in Vancouver for 16 years, so have a special spot in my heart for B.C., but can't really contribue to the project.  Good hunting to all.  :D
I'd like to join this project.
I already have the Canadian history badge (via Ontario project) but should probably join this one too since I am already unofficially creating many B.C. history profiles. Recently I added all the Vancouver mayors with succession boxes (so if anyone wants to contribute more info or more family connections, please help!) I've created a category for Victoria mayors as well and was adding a bunch o' those.

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My husband has ties to the early settlers of Cape Scott if the Project is interested. Otherwise, will help as needed.
by Brenda Scragg G2G1 (1.8k points)
I'm sure we're interested ... I am!!  Looked up Cape Scott, wow, way up in the NW part of Vancouver Island.  Not a whole lot of towns up there!  Didn't find Cape Scott on the BC Category page but that can be corrected and then you can add it to the profiles you create.
My cousin was a lighthouse keeper on Cape Scott in the 1980s.  Her family has a history of lighthouse keeping in a few spots on Vancouver Island.
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I live in the South Okanagan, and have lived in beautiful British Columbia for a long time. I am interested in having British Columbia presented well, so sign me up.
by Judith Chidlow G2G6 Mach 5 (58.2k points)
I've added you and Brenda to the list on the BC page ( ... took a stab at what you're interested in doing for the project ... you'll probably want to check that out and fix it up!!

Oh, and do that other stuff that Mags mentioned on the page about signing up.
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Ok. I'm in.
by Living Crerar G2G Crew (410 points)
You are badged and ready to go! Mags
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I think I've added all the pre-confederation colonial administrators.
by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (703k points)
Thanks Greg!  You are badged and ready to going! Mags
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I was looking through Wikipedia's list of people from BC, and spot-checking here and there, and discovered that Chief Dan George wasn't listed on WikiTree, so I added him. But I haven't been able to find much in terms of records, so linking him to the main tree is going to be a challenge.


by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (703k points)

Hey Greg,

You are probably right on connecting him , though there may be a good nit of information available other than Genealogy. It's the oral traditions that carry the day in First People's Genealogy. It's antithetical to what we normally find for sure. But you may already be aware.

Great to add him! Thanks.



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Hi, I am interested in joining the British Columbia project.  I am just learning to use Wikitree categories.  My primary interests are women's contributions to the early settlement of the province, and preserving the stories of 'eccentric' people.
by Sharon Runolfsson G2G6 Mach 1 (10.1k points)
Welcome! Mags
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Hi there, I'm brand new to this but was born and raised in BC, as were my parents (Vancouver and Kelowna). I can try and help!
by Karin Bury G2G Crew (400 points)
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Yes, I would like to join the British Columbia Project

by Joe Patterson G2G6 Mach 1 (15.6k points)
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Count me in please. Born and bred here in B.C.  and  very proud of our Province.
by Linda Bell G2G6 Mach 4 (41.7k points)
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I'd love to be associated with this project.  My paternal line goes all the way back to the original French settlers in Nouvelle France, and I've already got several of their profiles set up.



by Karen Hoy G2G6 Mach 4 (43.5k points)
Hi Karen,

I awarded you the Québécois project badge.  Please take note that you've posted this under the British Columbia project.  Should you wish to work this project as well, please let me know and I can award you the Canadian History badge.
I probably need the British Columbia badge as well, since my ancestry isn't limited to Quebec.  Thank you so much for helping me get squared away!
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Hey can I  join the BC project? I grew up around Vancouver and live super close to the New West archives now so if there is anything needed there, I have been looking for a reason to go!
by Kyla H G2G6 Mach 5 (56.6k points)

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