Can we correct the "DIVERSITY Genealogy" page?

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Hi, I've just discovered the following page: DIVERSITY Genealogy. It seems to have been automatically generated. It has two tabs, the second of which is DIVERSITY Genealogists. On the first tab, in the yellow box, there is a list of diversity-related free space pages which is incomplete, since it includes only the Melungeon Roots page and doesn't list the Project: Notables Diversity page. On the second tab is the following statement: "Nobody has started a DIVERSITY Project yet. Please lead the way! Create a new free-space project to get things started."

Can we please list the diversity project, which is a subset of the Notables Project: Project: Notables Diversity, on both pages, and add the Melungeon Roots page to the second tab, as well? Thanks!

in The Tree House by Pamela Lloyd G2G6 Mach 4 (42.9k points)
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P.S. When I tried entering the link for the DIVERSITY Genealogy page in the WikiTree URL/Profile box, I got a message that this wasn't a WikiTree page. But, it clearly is.

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Hi Pamela,

I made a redirect so Diversity should now list the Notables Diversity project. It's actually something manual Leaders have to anticipate what phrases and words people might follow that correlates to their project. Diversity will now give them a link to your project. Thanks for working on it!
by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (770k points)
selected by Pamela Lloyd
Thanks, Abby! Much appreciated.
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It appears that the DIVERSITY page is automatically generated for all people with the last name "Diversity".  If you put your own last name in the search box at the top of the page, you'll get a similar page for everyone with your own last name.  Except with your own last name you'll get a list of people, but there are no people in WikiTree with the last name DIVERSITY, so it's essentially a blank page.  

I don't believe it's appropriate to use the word "Diversity" to refer to people of different races or ethnic groups, as if being of one race is normal and therefore being of other races is diverse.  Every race and ethnic group is normal.
by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (478k points)

Diversity has many different meanings depending on the context. "Diversity" can mean many things to "different" people. As does "normal". The connotation with what a word signifies, is the connotation that one has had imprinted one way or another. Value judgement lies not outside of us, but forms the very essence of our perception an zich.

if in this case it is a surname ... then it should be made clear that it is a surname and not a sociological concept [as in "multiculturalism"].

If you click on the link you'll see that

is exactly the same computer generation page as

Apparently, if you write a note on G2G and tag it with "diversity", the computer assumes that your note pertains to the "diversity" family.  There are several links on the diversity page and they all seem to have originated in people tagging "diversity" when they posted a note on G2G.

Well, I keep exploring this.  There is a Diversity project, and apparently projects get the same computer-generated page.  For instance  But it's computer generated, it's not something subject to revision.

Yes, I understand. Indeed.
Jack, thanks for your explanation regarding how the page is generated. What bothers me is that the Diversity project page, itself, is not identified by the "DIVERSITY" page, which suggests that something has gone awry, either in the project page identification, or in the computer generation.

By the way, please note that I am the person who first suggested we have a Diversity project, although I hadn't expected it to be a sub-project of the Notables project. This project is about inclusiveness and encouraging folks to be aware that there are many different aspects to being human. It's not about dividing people up by race, ethnicity, or any other quality, but about recognizing that too many people go unnoticed and feeling that the only way to have a true "accurate, shared tree that connects us all" is to consciously look for and include those people who are often missed.
I'm sure we have parallel thoughts on the matter of inclusiveness.  I adopted the profile of Chinese leader Mao Zedong for a similar reason, to be able to take up for someone whose profile doesn't easily fit the standard American format.  It still will be some time, though, I imagine, before his group of relatives will be linked to the global tree.

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