Can you help me find any more JS Bach's Desendents?

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Please help if able
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I'm going to presume you mean this guy:
Yes I did, why can you help?

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by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (610k points)

From this, there is only 1 line of direct descendancy that shows up that isn't currently documented. From JS Bach, to Bach-222 (Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach) to his children. The profile lists 1 child, Bach-223 (Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach) but the diagram shows 9 children.

Of those, 5 children are from Anna Phillippine Frederike Bach and her husband Ernst Carl von Coulson: Joh. Christ. Friedr. von Coulson, Wilh. Friedrich Carl von Coulson, Helen Lucie von Coulson, Carl Gotlieb von Coulson, and August Wilhelm von Coulson.

At this point we have additional descendants of Bach, but they are no longer "Bach's". I'm OK with pursuing the additional lines from the diagram with the understanding that we run out of the Bach name in the direct lines at this stage.

The diagram does outline additional lines that run from his family, either up his line or sideways (brothers and sisters). So if we're looking for additional familial connections we should consider adding the whole chart.

Very cool chart, by the way, Helmut. Thanks!

And I went ahead and added a few to get things started. Can't recall if LNAB should be "von Coulson" or "Coulson", but I set it up as "von Coulson" for now - if anyone has an answer, please let me know and I'll adjust if necessary.

I think I just answered my own question - the von is a part of the LNAB, so how it is currently set up should be correct. lists a few published genealogies, the one from Helga Brück should be of particular interest to US Bach descendants. (There is an English version but it doesn't show the books.)


Deutsch is OK with me. I took two years in High School and another semester in college - I'm a bit rusty, but I can generally get the meaning.

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