July 2016 Connectors Challenge!

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Thanks to all of you who joined us for our June Connectors Challenge. Amazing contributions leading to the connection of several twigs!


June's top connectors was Carol Keeling with 11 connections made. Excellent work, Carol!

Our stats so far: 70 branches connected to the main tree, 33 of those in June. We had 7 connectors in June.

(Note, if you forgot to mark something as connected on last month's thread, let us know in the comments, and we'll update the stats. If I didn't see "connected!" I didn't count it.)

Now on to the Connectors Challenge Rules:

  1. Pick any WikiTree profile which is not connected to the main tree. (In other words, that profile does not have a box at the bottom of the page, showing the degrees of separation from Kevin BaconAJ Jacobs,Bram Stoker, and Queen Elizabeth II of the Commonwealth Realms.) You can look for unconnected profiles using the Unconnected People tool, the Unconnected Profiles category, the Unlinked_Profiles category, or you may run across an unconnected profile in the regular course of your research.
  2. Either add a new profile for a first degree relative (parent, spouse, sibling, or child) of the person on that profile, or else connect an existing profile on WikiTree to the profile you're working on.
  3. Add a source to the profiles involved in the connection showing the relationship between the two profiles. This could be a census record listing a family, a marriage record, a death record listing the spouse and/or parents, a birth record listing the parents, or any source which demonstrates that the two profiles should be connected to one another. Your source needs to be cited as closely to the style recommended on our Sources help page as possible to count towards your tally.
  4. If you are adding a new profile, add a second, independent source for that profile. (For example, if you add a spouse because of a marriage record, then look for a birth or death record for the spouse you're adding.) (Note: The reason for this rule isn't to discourage you from adding people. But as you have probably already learned, even official documents frequently misspell names, so adding an independent confirmation of the name helps to save other researchers time in trying to find records that don't exist, because the person's real name was not the same as showed up in the linking document.)
  5. Answer this post, creating a numbered list, and including the two profiles and the kind of source you used to make the connection. (For example: "1. Smith-123 to Jones-456 - marriage".) You only need to reply once. As you make more connections, just edit your post to add your new connections.
  6. If you connect a profile which completes a connection trail either for an isolated profile or an unconnected tree, please add "Connected!" at the end of the line which made the connection. We count those connecteds towards your tally.
  7. The tally is of branches/unconnected profiles connected to the WikiTree tree, not sources or profiles added. That said, if you can add a number of sources to a profile, all the better, and sometimes a connection will take a number of profiles to get added. Every one is different, and each one makes our tree better. So, in short, we'll count each "connected!" we see.
  8. If either or both profiles you connect did not have good sources before and were already on WikiTree, then you can also count those sources towards the Sourcerers Challenge.
  9. All participants who do not already have a Connectors Project badge, will get one. Winners each month-the person with the most connections made to the tree-will get the Connection Challenge Winner badge, and the Top Connector each month with get a spiffy template to wear on their profile page. Stats will be kept on the Connectors Challenge page, just like we do for the Sourcerers Challenge.

See last month's challenge as an example. Ask questions in the comments section here. Thank you! 

WikiTree profile: Space:Connectors_Challenge
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (772k points)
edited by Abby Glann
Last month I added a handful of unconnected people to the tree as part of a project I'm working on. If I find connections for those people this month, does that count? Or should I only count connections made for profiles added by someone else?
Hi Jamie,
If they're already on WikiTree before the month started, yep, you can count them.

8 Answers

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I'll join the challenge this month :)

1. Bangerter-26 to Bawden-256 - 1940 census, Bawden-256 to Freestone-263 - 1900 census, Freestone-263 to Freestone-264 - 1870 census, Freestone-264 to Carlisle-789 - obituary. Connected!

2. Blood-696 to Blood-606 - death record. Connected!

3. Clyde-313 to Clyde-327 - 1900 census, Clyde-327 to Clyde-65 - 1870 census. Connected!

4. Cutler-1065 to Taylor-34066 - picture of headstone on find a grave, Taylor-34066 to Romney-12 - death record. Connected!

5. Lee-14852 to Lee-16414 - 1900 census, Lee-16414 to Lee-10565 (also unconnected) - 1880 census, Lee-10565 to Lee-16416 - 1880 census, Lee-16416 to Kelsey-1151 - wife's obituary, Kelsey-1151 to Kelsey-1152 - death certificate, Kelsey-1152 to Kelsey-55 - christening & marriage. Connected!

6. Matheson-770 to Adams-25084 - 1930 census, Adams-25084 to Adams-25086 - death cert, Adams-25086 to Adams-6921 - death cert. Connected!

7. Maw-80 to Maw-42 - 1900 census. Connected!

8. Rampton-31 to Rampton-36 - 1920 census, Rampton-36 to Rampton-37 - death cert, Rampton-37 to Rampton-39 - 39's death record, Rampton-39 to Woolley-1036 - marriage, Woolley-1036 to Woolley-838 - 1900 census. Connected!

9. (Also connected by the same path) Dinwoodey-3 to Dinwoodey-7 - 7's obituary, Dinwoodey-7 to Rampton-37 - 37's death cert, Rampton-37 to Rampton-39 - 39's death record, Rampton-39 to Woolley-1036 - marriage, Woolley-1036 to Woolley-838 - 1900 census. Connected!

10. Smith-97060 to Smith-106210 - 1940 census, Smith-106210 to Smith-106211 - 1910 census, Smith-106211 to Smith-106212 - death cert, Smith-106212 to Smith-106213 - 106213's death cert, Smith-106213 to Smith-106214 - 1900 census, Smith-106214 to Angell-871 - marriage, Angell-871 to Angell-872 - 1900 census, Angell-872 to Angell-754 - 1860 census. Connected!

11. Wells-10021 to Wells-6004 -  death cert & wikipedia. Connected!

12. Hunt-10009 to Hunt-1330 - 1850 census & pioneer database. Connected!

13. Jepson-263 to Jepson-266 - 266's death certificate & 1860 census, Jepson-266 to Spendlove-40 - 1900 census, Spendlove-40 to Jones-45073 - 1940 census, Jones-45073 to Boren-523 - 1880 census. Connected!

14. Martin-29581 to Martin-29738 - 29738's death cert, Martin-29738 to Brown-49442 - 1880 census, Brown-49442 to Brown-49443 - christening, Brown-49443 to Brown-49445 - 49445's death cert, Brown-49445 to Willis-3610 (already in tree but unconnected) - 49445's death cert, Willis-3610 to Willis-2882 - death cert. Connected!

15. Cooley-2219 to Hunt-10094 - 1880 census, Hunt-10094 to Hunt-10009 (#12 above) - 1850 census. Connected!

16. Molen-24 to Molen-35 - 1850 census, Molen-35 to Lowry-2432 - 1900 census, Lowry-2432 to Lowry-1553 - 1870 census. Connected!

17. Mumford-678 to Crosby-1268 - 1860 census & 1268's death record. Connected!

18. Murdock-970 to Murdock-975 - 975's death cert, Murdock-975 to Farnsworth-1032 - death cert, Farnsworth-1032 to Farnsworth-114 - death cert. Connected!

19. Murdock-880 to Murdock-970 (#18 above) - 970's death cert. Connected!

20. Nebeker-32 to Nebeker-33 - 1880 census, Nebeker-33 to Nebeker-38 - 1900 census, Nebeker-38 to Grant-8056 - marriage, Grant-8056 to Grant-8057 - 1900 census, Grant-8057 to Grant-4303 - death cert. Connected!

21. Neslen-2 to Saville-104 - 1880 census. Connected!

22. Pingree-48 to Harris-20687 - marriage, Harris-20687 to Harris-20688 - death cert, Harris-20688 to Harris-8681 - Pioneers & Prominent Men of Utah. Connected!

23. Preston-3666 to Thatcher-783 - 1880 census, Thatcher-783 to Thatcher-727 - death cert. Connected!

24. Woolley-1029 to Rogers-15445 - Rogers-15445 pioneer entry, Rogers-15445 to Rogers-11483 - death cert. Connected!

25. McGaw-114 to Bassett-3019 - marriage, Bassett-3019 to Bassett-3020 - death cert, Bassett-3020 to Bassett-3021 - 3021's death cert, Bassett-3021 to Knight-7842 - 782's death cert, Knight-7842 to Knight-5453 - death cert. Connected!

26. Merrill-2568 to Merrill-918 - obituary. Connected!

27. Mecham-264 to Mecham-285 - birth, Mecham-285 to Mecham-78 - Mecham book (not an ideal source, but the info I found sources for matched). Connected!


by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (658k points)
edited by Jamie Nelson
Go Jamie!

28. Mecham-275 to Mecham-288 - 1930 census, Mecham-288 to Mecham-289 - death cert, Mecham-289 to Mecham-255 - death cert. Connected!

29. Outhouse-71 to Outhouse-31 - Seventy Quorum Membership database. Connected!

30. Patterson-8493 to Patterson-1660 - 1660's death cert. Connected!

Also connected Trump but didn't really keep track of what I was doing.

We'll count Trump, too :-)
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Just in time to celebrate my 50.000 contributions Carol found an obituary this month which turned out to be the means of connecting the Australian Hanlons. http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Pobar-4 - A Hanlon/Pobar marriage and an already connected Pobar proved to be the link needed once profiles had been developed for all those mentioned in the obituary.

Not really an entry for this competition; simply fun to see another huge unconnected tree bite the dust. (re those 50 000 contributions - the Hanlon tree got much huger in the process of looking for that connection, but that's interesting too.)
by Valerie Willis G2G6 Pilot (119k points)
edited by Valerie Willis
+7 votes

Will probably not have many entries this month as I am trying to tidy up the Grist family of Wiltshire, who were hit by a destructive merge some time ago. This first connection joins about 90 members of the Grist family to the global tree

1. Connected Louisa Grist CONNECTED!!! (existing profile) to her husband Henry Burge (existing profile) source baptisms, 1841/1851 census, marriage, baptisms/births of their children and their deaths in Adelaide, with obit for Henry from Trove website.

2. Added Selina Marrus Plemmons CONNECTED!!!  as wife of (existing profile) Turner Howell Culbertson source census, marriage and death

Connected Selina to her parents (existing profiles) J Levy Plemmons and Martha Hayes source census

(5th July 100+ update. Having now connected the Raburn family and the vast majority of the Grist family, the total of unconnected profiles that have over 100 profiles connected to them, now totals 231, reduced from 317 that were there on 30th June)

3. Added Marmaduke Hallas and Rose Ann Ambler as parents of (existing profile) Sarah Ann Hallas CONNECTED!!! source baptism, marriage, census and death

Added John Hallas as father of Marmaduke, source baptism

Added Thomas Hallas as brother of Marmaduke source census and burial

Added Harriott Hallas as daughter of Thomas source baptism, census, burial

Connected Harriott to her husband (existing profile) William Henry Sheard source baptism, 3 marriages, census and burial

4. Added George Stringham and Polly Hendrickson as parents of (existing profile) Benjamin Joseph Stringham, CONNECTED!!! source 1870/1880 census and death

connected (existing profile) Jeremiah Stringham to his parents George and Polly source 1880 census, death, and LDS membership details

5. Added John Hamill as father of (existing profile) John Hamill CONNECTED!!!  source Victoria passenger lists, death

added Nancy (Agnes) Hamill as daughter of John Hamill source marriage, Victoria passenger lists, death

added Hugh Milligan as husband of Nancy source marriage, Victoria passenger lists, death

added Jane Milligan as daughter of Hugh and Nancy, source Australian BDM and memorial inscription

added John Holman as husband of Jane, source source Australian BDM and memorial inscription

added William Holman and Elizabeth Nancarrow as parents of John source baptism, 1851 census, marriage and Australian BDM

added William Holman and Eliza Rodda as parents of William, source marriage and 1851 census

added Thomas Henry Holman as son of William and Eliza source baptism and 1851 census

added Elizabeth Jane Hendra as wife of Thomas source baptism and marriage (which gave both father's names)

connected Elizabeth to her parents (existing profiles) Christopher Hendra and Grace Rule source baptism

6. Merged Henry Abrahart (with Abrahart-218) and several other family members that had been duplicated, which resulted in James Hurlbut being connected to the global tree, then

added Sarah Ann Cable as wife of (existing profile) John Hurlbut  CONNECTED!!!  source birth, marriage, several censuses and death

connected (existing profile) James Edward Hurlbut to his parents John and Sarah Ann source birth, several censuses, marriage, death, probate

7. I proposed merges for several of the Pojar family (they are being completed by the profile manager) so

Herman Pojar  CONNECTED!!! was merged with (existing connected profile) Pojar-65

What I hadn't realised at the time was that a large unconnected Danish tree merged into the Pojar tree with the marriage of Harald Hjoth and Catherine Pojar, so resulted in a double connection.

8. Connected parents (existing profiles that were unconnected) Isaac George Gray and Sarah Jane Hunt CONNECTED!!!  to (existing profile) William Gray source added 1851 census, picture of memorial plaque already on profile page which named both parents


by Carol Keeling G2G6 Mach 8 (85.3k points)
edited by Carol Keeling

Fantastic, Carol, as always! Applause, Clapping, Hands, Black, Bravo

can anyone help me ..im not sure how to find my bio father..
Hi Avangelene,

We have an excellent adoption project that has members willing to help with family searches: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Adoption_Angels

Contacting them would get you some great help.

Continued from above.

9. Added Bessie Arbuthnot CONNECTED!!! as a child to (existing profiles) John Sawyer Arbuthnot and Betty Green Whitsett source 1880/1900/1910/1920 census, marriage, burial, obit

Added Samuel Hays Bell as husband of Bessie source birth, 1860/1870/1880/1900 census, marriage and burial

Added Sarah James Bell as daughter of Samuel and Bessie source 1900/1910/1930 census, marriage, death

Added Robert Edward Wysor (junior) as husband of Sarah source birth, 1900/1910/1930 census, marriage, death

Added Robert Edward Wysor (senior) as father of Robert source 1910 census and death

Added John Donald Wysor as son of Robert (senior) source birth, 1900/1910/1920 census, marriage, death

Added Cecil Moomaw as wife of John source birth 1900/1910/1920 census, marriage, death

Added George Cline Moomaw and Anna Florence Crownover as parents of Cecil source 1870/1880/1900/1910 census, death

Connected George to his father (existing profile) Daniel Crouse Moomaw 1870 census

Added Rebecca Ann Crumpacker as wife of Daniel source marriage 1870/1880 census, death

(this connection added nearly 500 profiles to the global tree)

 10. Added Caroline Weckman CONNECTED!!! as daughter to (existing profiles) Henry Weckman and Caroline Erb source 1880/1900/1910 census death and obituary

Added Andrew William Berlyoung as husband of Caroline source birth, 1880/1900/1910/1920 census death and burial

Connected (existing profile) Clarence Berlyoung as son of Andrew and Caroline source 1910/1920 census

 11. Added Richard Chellew CONNECTED!!! as husband to existing profile Dorothy Curnow, source marriage

+8 votes

1. Hamilton-3906 to Hamilton-11782 Brother/Sister (1880 US Census) 2. Hamilton-11782 to Dunphey-2 Daughter/Mothe (1880 US Census) 3. Dunphey-2 to McLaughlin-2600 Mother/Son (1920 US Census) 4. McLaughlin-2600 to McLaughlin-2617 Father/Son (Obituary of 2617) 5. McLaughlin-2617 to McLaughlin-2619 Brother/Sister (Obituary of 2617) 6. McLaughlin-2619 to Weston-2233 Wife/Husband (Obituary of Weston-2233)   7. Weston-2233 to Weston-2236 Son/Father (Baptismal Record of Weston-2233)   8. Weston-2236 to Weston-2237 Son/Father (Death Certificate of Weston-2236)   9. Weston-2237 to Weston-2238 Son/Father (1860 US Census)   10. Weston-2238 to Booth-4135 Husband/ Wife (1860 US Census)   11. Booth-4135 to Weston-2637 Mother/Daughter (Death Certificate of Weston-2637) 12. Weston-2637 to Trembath-388 Wife/Husband (1900 US Census) CONNECTED!

by Nikki Byer G2G6 (9.4k points)
edited by Nikki Byer
+6 votes

Still working on this one from May and June, but just connected it to another unconnected branch, so it'll be a two-fer-one!

1. Starting where I left off last month on one from the GFR Unconnected Gedcoms, Hyrum Erastus Christensen to son

Chester Hyrum Christensen, obit, census to wife

Bessie Eva Hamilton obit, census to parents

William Richard Hamilton and Daisy Mae Skinner, obit for Bessie and census to

Daisy's parents William BSkinner and Sarah F Jones, census and marriage to

father Curtis Skinner and Elizabeth Parrott, census, marriage, death records to

daughter Adella Skinner, marriage and census to

her husband Emry Smith, marriage and census to his father

John Smith marriage and census and mother, Hannah Plowman, census and marriage 

Harriet to her husband, John Stricker, an existing also unconnected tree, census; to his children: Jacob Stricker, Joseph Stricker, Absolom Stricker, Oscar Stricker, Mary J Stricker, George Stricker, Edgar Stricker, and Albert Stricker. 1860 US census

John Striker to wife, Eliza Beadle, and to son, James Striker, marriage records; James to his wife, Dora Owens, marriage record

John Striker to daughter with Eliza, Maria Snyder, her death record and John's probate records

John Striker to son, John C. Striker, birth record

by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (772k points)
edited by Abby Glann
+7 votes

I'm going to try a new system for logging my work, to try to make it easier to score.

Added but not yet connected:

  1. Bell-Irving-7 (Henry Pybus Bell-Irving, former Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia) to Bell-Irving-8 - birth, census, marriage - start size = 1, twig size = 2
  2. Bell-Irving-8 to Pybus-31 - marriage, census - twig size = 3
  3. Bell-Irving-8 to Bell-Irving-9 - birth, census - twig size = 4

Connected to main tree:

  1. Fox-7360 to Fox-3016 (this connection finally went through this month) Rolly Fox: Our Dad and GrandpaTerry Foxhttp://carpentercousins.com/wc-584-desc/aqwg287.htm#54496 - start size: 21 branch size: 22
  2. Fox-3016 to Carpenter-9288 - Canada census, marriage, US census - branch size: 23
  3. Carpenter-9288 to Carpenter-9285 - census, birth, marriage - branch size: 24
  4. Carpenter-9285 to Carpenter-9286 - census, birth, burial - branch size: 25
  5. Carpenter-9286 to Carpenter-9287 - http://carpentercousins.com/wc-584-desc/aqwg67.htm#54397, birth, census - branch size: 26
  6. Carpenter-9287 to Carpenter-341 - birth, census - Connected! - (26 profiles)
  7. Farmer-555 (and Reeve-131) to Farmer-559 - christening - start size: 2 -Connected! - (2 profiles)
  8. Farmer-560 to Farmer-559 - christening - start size: 1 -Connected!
  9. Farmer-554 (and Dikeson-1) to Farmer-559 - christening - start size: 2 - Connected - (2 profiles)


by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (713k points)
edited by Greg Slade
+7 votes

Hi, connected the Darling family (100+) last week but haven't had chance to post it till now.

1) platts-621 Isabella Platts -b.1842 Leicestershire, 1851, 1861, marriage, 1871                    
clamp-92 James Clamp -b.1835 Measham, Derbyshire, 1861, 1871,  marriage, 1881, 1891, 1901            
massey-3089 edith massey -  birth, 1861, death    
clamp-105 Sarah Clamp -b.1860 Coalville, Leicestershire                         
Jeffcoat-124 Richard Jeffcoat - b.1859 Whitwick Leicestershire, 1861,  1871, 1881, 1891,1901, 1911, death        
jeffcoat-123 Richard Jeffcoat - 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, m, 1891, death

   bowley-173 Mary bowley -1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, m, 1891, death        
jeffcoat-122Arthur Jeffcoat - b.1861 Whitwick, Leic, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1881, 1871, 1861, marriage, birth -created
daykin-43 Mary Daykin - b.1860 Eastwood, Notts, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1861, 1871, marriage, birth - created
jeffcoat-104 (CONNECTED!!) Henrietta Jeffcoat - 1891, 1901, 1911           

by Paula Dea G2G6 Mach 9 (92.9k points)
edited by Paula Dea
+4 votes

1. My late July connection project was to connect Henry Traphagen, one-time mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, and a profile I had created quite some time ago that I thought would be easy to connect after seeing that he was a member of the Holland Society of New York with roots in some New Netherland families with familiar names. Connecting him wasn't so easy. In the process of finding a connection, I created over 15 new profiles. The path that finally got him connected was: created his mother Sarah Conselyea --> created her father William Conselyea ---> created his mother Mercy Skillman --> created her father Joseph Skillman, and finally connected Joseph Skillman to his existing parents, Skillman-21 and Aten-35. Connected!

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
edited by Ellen Smith

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