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I was finally able to get the results of my father's DNA test, and it turns out he is in haplogroup I2a2b I-L38. 

I found that haplogroup in a Brooks one name study at FTDNA

There are only 4 entries under I2a2b with the group of I-L38 one of the entries is a copy, one of them has an unknown father, and the other is the father of the one with the copy. (sorry if that sounded confusing)

Should I assume that my Brooks line is descended from that line?

I'm fairly certain that line is one of the lines discussed in this book;view=1up;seq=7 Brooks and kindred families

I have made some semi-educated guesses from other sources and arrived at the same lineage as the most likely for my family, but there are gaps where I made some leaps just to get the connection going. 

Have any of you heard of false lines coming from DNA results?

I'm very excited about this bit of confirmation, but I don't want to go too far with it and assume it is concrete.

Any opinions would be helpful especially if I'm heading the wrong way.



Just converted my grandfather's test as well he is the same group. I wish the Ancestry test gave more comprehensive results.

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Hi Tim.

Yfull currently estimates that all L38 men share a common ancestor who lived about 4,600 years ago so whilst it's encouraging that you match other Brooks men with with this SNP no firm conclusions can be drawn. Your STR distance from the others will be helpful. Do any of them show as matches to you at FTDNA?

There is an active facebook page for the Brooks DNA study run by the FTDNA admin which may be able to help further. See
by Earl Davis G2G6 Mach 3 (30.3k points)
My father didn't use FTDNA he used Ancestry for both him and my grandfather. I had to use some raw data converters just to find out the haplogroup.

If you know of a way to find the STR distance from Ancestry DNA raw data please let me know. Or if you know how to convert it into a chart form like FTDNA does I could compare each one by hand.
How did you determine your dad's Y-DNA if he only tested thru ancestry? I thought ancestry only tested autosomal dna...
There are converters that take the raw data from the Ancestry test to determine the haplogroup. Here is the method I used to extract the Y-DNA from the test.
Hi Tim, This is an interesting link. Thanks!

As Earl said, you are genetically related to all the other men in the world with the same haplogroup, but this information alone is not useful for finding your family history.  Your haplogroup is useful for learning about the location of your ancient forefathers, but you would need the actual markers to know if  your Brooks test matches the those other tests in your haplogroup.  You could have the same haplogroup as other Brooks, but be unrelated in the family lines recorded since roughly the 1500s or so.  

I suggest that you purchase a yDNA37 marker test from FTDNA to see if those tests in the same haplogroup are your genetic cousins.  Then you may be able to find your common yDNA forefather with your matches.  Also, that will add your yDNA to the FTDNA database so you can see possible non-Brooks matches.

Also, you can transfer the auDNA results to a FamilyFinder test at FTDNA for free.  It costs $39 To see all of your FamilyFinder matches, but the transfer is free.
I think I'm starting to smell what ya'll are cookin'. The test results I have are near useless other than to tell me my distant ancestors were Celtic. If I want a test that says hey you are related to this person then I need one that is much more pricey.

I wish that I could afford to get my own tests done through FTDNA. If I knew my father was getting a test done I would have recommended he go through them instead of Ancestry.

I'm not enjoying the trend of here's a snip of information but if you want another snip you have to pay more and the next snip after that is going to cost triple what the second snip cost.

I've seen that transfer site, but it does not accept Ancestry test.
I do not know your fathers age, however my recommendation is test him now with the FTDNA Family finder test - they store the sample 25 years (for future upgrades and Y tests), in the meantime you will have (with both at gedmatch) another comparison with your ancestry test, more cousins, and some actual tools.
Thank you Anthony. I'll try to talk my Dad into getting him and my Grandfather done at FTDNA, but the cost is quite prohibitive and he already found out what he wanted from the Ancestry one. He wanted to prove or disprove Native American blood like he was told he had by my Grandfather. As a bit of a disappointment to my Grandpa my Dad had less than 1% and my Grandpa had 0%. They were both over 70% British/Irish.
My main point - older folks don't live forever(I'm 70, all parents & grands long gone before test available) and the Autosomal FF test at FTDNA is <$100.  That get's the sample in their freezer and the more expensive Y tests can always be run from it years later when more affordable. Never know when you last chance might be...
My father I had tested at FTDNA and LivingDna too .he is I-M170 on FTDNA and on Living DNA I-L38. I also uploaded as a kit at MyTrueAncestry and it is listed still as the old I2a2b
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Hello Tim,

Please change your father's privacy level to "Private with Public Family Tree."  Otherwise his Y-DNA information does not automatically get associated with his direct paternal line. If his first name needs to be private then change his first name to "Anonymous" or use an intitial for his first name.

Thanks and sincerely, Peter
by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (723k points)
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Hello Tim,

Please add your father's Y-DNA information to his DNA Tests page at

haplogoup I-L38, YSearch ID, etc.

Thanks and sincerely, Peter
by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (723k points)

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